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Video Games


July 26 |

Given all the crappy publicity that everyone’s favorite Chicago producer (and least favorite person), Kanye West, is getting lately, we thought it’d be cool to push this story about a video game based on him instead. So the year’s 3030 and after teleporting into the future via wormhole, Mr. West has to rid the city of some really bad music clones in classic RPG format. Sold? We are too! Download it here.

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April 8 |

80’s babies rejoice as Think Geek now offers pillow versions of ubiquitous Nintendo game cartridges. Ah the memories of having to blow and clean those faulty plastic suckers just to get a good video game session in! Now you too can share the love for the wonderful frustration we all suffered. Available for $34.99 here.

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March 11 |

Former Valve Corporation (HalfLife) creative, Leonard Menchiari, is introducing the world to his latest video game gem, Riot. Meant for iOS and Android phones, the unique chaos simulator actually lives up to its name. The premise is for the player to take sides between rioters and the authorities trying to stamp them out. Animated in 2D, full of all kinds of spritebased visual effects and an insane engine make it no secret as to why the project’s Indiegogo page has received more than double the goal amount, $30K!

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February 19 |

Although gamedeveloping company, Bungie, is most infamous for its Halo series, it seems like they may have an even more ambitious project coming down the pipeline. According to a new preview/short documentary, the company is preparing for the upcoming release of Destiny, a massive gaming experience that promises to take everything that fans loved about Halo and not only push it to the virtual limits, but also into the real world. According to their projection the gaming experience is set to span a whopping 10 years! Yes, 10 years of gameplay, updates and the unveiling of a universe unlike any other!

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