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October 10 |

Online space rental community, AirBnB, is now offering free professional photography to help customers successfully list their pads. The San Franciscobased startup claims that listings with professional photos are 2.5 times more likely to be booked. That means more rentals for users and more revenue for them. Smart!

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September 21 |

A yearlong space training mission is nearly coming to an end in Moscow, but not without its share of mood swings and rather drained astronauts. The exercise was supposed to simulate a lengthy trip to Mars by isolating a crew of six men and having them complete assigned tasks. The results have been pessimistic as, with only two months left to go and all of the tasks completed, the crew is having a hard time maintaining their good spirits. One of the researchers observing the men states: ”Most experiments have been completed and the level of work has dipped off, which means the stay in a bare environment is getting even more monotonous.” Rough.

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