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Single Speed


July 31 |

Experiments In Speed is a phenomenally wellshot short about British bike welder and Donhou Bicycles. Directed by Greg Hackett, the narrative follows on their journey to push the limits to how fast their custom single speed bicycle can go. Piecing together the ingenuity of custom star and the help of an automobile eventually shows the potential at which the bicycle can travel. And still, it can go faster as an indoor test reveals the ability to reach a speed of 102 MPH. The ultimate goal is to one day acquire that or higher on the road.

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January 26 |

Here’s one for all the freestyle and singlespeed riders out there. New York City label, Mishka, recently collaborated with the fine bike makers of Milwaukee Bike Company to create the Mishka D.A.R.T. Bruiser. Knowing both companies and their reputations for quality and attention to detail, it’s pretty safe to bet that the frame is as tough as it is fresh!

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