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March 12 |

Because everyone else was pissed off at MTV’s failed attempt at an accurate MC list the good folks over at EgoTrip thought it’d be a great idea to make their own. And so without further adieu they present their 10 “Hottest” Rappers in the Game list. And they mean “hot” as in not cold, perspiring, caliente! Really LOL material right here.

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February 6 |

It’s been 10 years since the infamous release of Queensbred, New York City rapper, 50 Cent’s debut commercial album, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. No question that the former drugdealer turned international business mogul has come a long way. But just in case fans and onlookers have a hard time processing the numbers, here’s an awesome infographic that breaks down Mr. Jackson’s record sales and accolades. Extraordinary, to say the least!k

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October 15 |

Hate it or love it, acts like HipHop’s 2 Chainz are at the center of mainstream appeal. While many will argue that the artist’s lyrical content (about hustling, trapping and strippers) is mediocre, there’s no denying his omnipresent stature. The following is an episode from MTV’s latest series: This Is How I Made It and despite our opinions the rapper does have a genuine and heartfelt story about where he came from and why he does what he does. Now, if only most of these ideas come across in his work without so much sex and money fogging up the industry mirror…

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September 15 |

Director/writer duo Aaron Simpson and Andy Ochiltree (Mondo Media) decided to poke fun at all the recent Apple hype surrounding the anticipation of the iPhone 5. The result is a quirky animated short featuring a resurrected hologram of Steve Jobs that returns to show everyone why he and his products are boss. The tongueincheek jokes may offend some (mourners and fanatics), but it’s pretty obvious that there’s always truth in comedy and it’s all in good fun! Pretty sure Jobs would’ve gotten a kick out of this one.

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August 1 |

OG HipHop artist and worldrenowned celebrity, Snoop Dogg, has publically shed the “dog” and embraced the lion. A recent hajj to the Caribbean motherland of Jamaica has inspired a new outlook for the veteran MC as he embraced the indigenous culture and changed his named to Snoop Lion. He’s teamed up with Vice to tell his story of cultural evolution in the upcoming film Reincarnated. Gimmick? Hardly. Peep the trailer for the now Toronto Film Festival official selection and bless up! Rastafari! Jah!

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May 9 |

Besides being an unquestionable talent in the HipHop world, the late, great Tupac Shakur was also quite the gifted actor and writer! According to sources, the artist’s only screenplay, written during one of his incarceration periods, was recently picked up by a production company, Nstar Studios. The budget for the upcoming project, said to swing into production by next year, is $11 million.

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