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September 4 |

This little guy’s got the right idea. Yes it’s a viral photo and yes it’s probably got no validity in say The New York Times / Huffington Post world of journalistic arguments and intellectual rhetoric, but screw that! We know good stuff when we see it and this Panda is it. Black, white, spread love. End racist thoughts!

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May 23 |

Although we’re not exactly sure about the case of race relations down in the American state of North Carolina, the following commercial for The Red House Furniture Store certainly raises our brows. If the jingle alone doesn’t blow your mind, just wait until it gets to “black” or “white” furniture. And to thinkall this time and historical tensionand racism will ultimately end with the purchase of a brandnew couch or bed. Epic!

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May 11 |

The following is a thoughtprovoking speech delivered by political activist and former United States soldier, Mike Prysner. He goes on to explain how the institution of racism is pivotal in enforcing war and fooling the masses into dying for oppressive causes. As if it weren’t any more clear, the speech exposes how the poor are sent to obliterate other poor people on a sadistic global checkerboard for the elite. Good morning Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and the list that goes on…

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May 7 |

I think the point of Phil Mushnick piece about JayZ is lost in the hoopla. I’m not even going to say he made sense but he “could have said it another way.” Phil Mushnick spoke his mind on the temerity of a major league sports organization allowing an admitted former crack dealer (remember now, when he was selling crack, that ish was completely ruining lives…so I guess ruining the lives of black people gets a pass if you’re black and go on to make music and clothes and live a life that other black people are fond of?), who has rapped “niggas, hoes and bitches,” along with gun talk and drug talk across his whole rap career, to own a piece of an major league sports franchise.

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March 22 |

We suppose that most of our readers already know this, but we here at República really love social commentary. Here’s some that comes from our good friend, Jeff Lapaixx, who decided to take his frist stab at documentary work. We could spend time describing its context, but thought that it’d just be better to let the man himself describe it in his own words:

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February 3 |

The Question Bridge is a transmedia art project that seeks to represent and redefine Black male identity in America. Through video mediated question and answer exchange, diverse members of this “demographic” bridge economic, political, geographic, and generational divisions. The project is in full swing and expanding into a a travelling series, educational curriculum and even a smartphone app! Have a look at their introductory video to see how it all works:

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December 30 |

A video for an antiracism campaign sponsored by the Mexican government is raising all kinds of eyebrows, and hopefully, awareness about the deeprooted social issue. The almost four minute long piece captures a handful of responses from Mexican children that are asked to differentiate between a white doll and a black doll. When asked loaded questions like which doll is ugly, bad, good, trustworthy, etc., the children almost always attributed the negative qualities to the black doll. Ricardo Bucio Mujica, President of The National Council To Prevent Discrimination, points out that the experiment is meant to highlight some very real social stigmas and perceptions:

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November 22 |

Californiaborn musician, DJ Shadow, has some strong opinions about Arizona’s antiimmigration law. The renown producer teamed up with filmmaker Dean Fernando to produce this bmovie styled video from his latest album The Less You Know, The Better. We dig this. Fight the power!

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November 15 |

Dominican author/musician, Rita Indiana, has a knack for conveying powerful social commentary in very infectious (and effective) forms. Her latest video, Da Pa Lo Do, which roughly translates to “There’s Enough For Both,” takes on the controversial subject of Haitian/Dominican racial division. The visuals portray two young “soldiers” scurrying about the Caribbean countryside who are visited by a blackfaced (in good taste) Virgin Mary (played by Rita) and reminded of their unified roots. Very powerful!

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November 7 |

In a recent interview with Piers Morgan, renown actor, Morgan Freeman, opened up about racism in America and his take on the Tea Party agenda. While on the record, Mr. Freeman went on to explain the underlying context behind the radical Republicans and how much opposition President Obama has received while serving an already difficult term. It’s refreshing to hear such painfully honest dialogue such unsure political times. Bravo Mr. Freeman!

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