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June 25 |

Artist Darren Goins is proposing the creation of a rather healthconscious public sculpture. Expected to be built in Queens, New York City, the “Flexible” installation will feature three sculptures that invite passerbys to physically explore them. The project is a collaboration between the artist, the Department of Transportation New York City Urban Art Program and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Astoria and Sunnyside. But it isn’t completely funded yet. You can help its Kickstarter right here.

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May 24 |

Major League Soccer recently announced a partnership between Manchester City FC and the New York Yankees to bring the league its 20th franchise, New York City FC. Manchester City FC will own the majority of the team while The Yankees own the rest. The team will start playing in 2015 and will be the first MLS team to play within the 5 boroughs. A 20,000+ seat stadium currently being planned for construction in Queens’ Flushing Meadows Park with a tentative plan to play in Yankee Stadium while the project is completed. Mayor Bloomberg has already thrown his support behind the plan saying that Flushing Meadows Park is “the best place for it for everybody.”

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April 3 |

Vevo presents an original short about 50 Cent’s new venture into boxing (SMS Promotions). The infamous Queensbred MC is no stranger to adversity and the challenge of the ring is no different for Mr. Jackson. Check out how he breaks down his triumphs and setbacks and how it all forged him to become the lifedriven competitor that he is today.

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February 6 |

It’s been 10 years since the infamous release of Queensbred, New York City rapper, 50 Cent’s debut commercial album, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. No question that the former drugdealer turned international business mogul has come a long way. But just in case fans and onlookers have a hard time processing the numbers, here’s an awesome infographic that breaks down Mr. Jackson’s record sales and accolades. Extraordinary, to say the least!k

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November 16 |

We really like this guy right here. Hailing from Queens, New York City, is the heavyinweight but lighthearted MCslashchef, Action Bronson, with his brand new mixtape, Rare Chandeliers. With the support of media powerhouses like Vice and even Uncle Snoop, this guy’s just starting to boil up on the scene. Listeners can download the mixtape here.

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June 27 |

Queens, New York Citybred BMX superstar, Nigel Sylvester, visits the Dominican Republic in the latest episode of his showGet Sylvester. The young phenom explores the good, the bad, the ugly, and the inspiring live and direct from the Caribbean island. Definitely worth the watch as the narrative is told in own words, where he describes how much the disparity and “hustle” inspires his professional dedication.

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March 16 |

Nasir Jones, better known as HipHop legend, Nas, just dropped his latest single in New York City last night and the streets are already a buzzing! Sampling Jamaican Reggae staple, Super Cat, the Queensbred MC taps into a real hardcore vibe reminiscent to his 1990’s heyday. From the sounds of it we’re guessing Nasir really means it when he raps “20 years in this game, looking 17.” This is one tough track!

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March 7 |

There’s a big time battle brewing over a small section of New York City as this year’s American elections take place. The debate is over the city’s Congressional District 15, a jurisdiction over Harlem and some parts of Uptown Manhattan that have been overseen by Charlie Rangel for over four decades! A new proposition that takes into account the everincreasing Hispanic population wishes to change the district boundaries and possibly give Uptown neighborhoods like Washington Heights, Inwood, parts of the Bronx and even Queens, their own representation. The idea, although heavily opposed by Rangel, is being spearheaded by advocacy group, The Dominican American National Roundtable. If approved by the courts, the proposed new district will be comprised of 66% Hispanics, something that clearly indicates why Rangel, who’s relied mostly on older AfricanAmerican support, would be opposed. An interesting battle to keep a close eye on as the playing field and politics evolve come election time. Approved or not, the congressional boundaries are set to be redrawn by March 12th.

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December 25 |

Seeing as how Christmas day is finally upon us, we thought it’d be sweet to commemorate the holiday with a proper soundoff. Check out what we found while surfing. An emoticon version of the Run DMC classic, Christmas In Hollis. HoHoHo and an iPhone yo!

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October 13 |

Complex Magazine sat down with Mobb Deep member, Prodigy, to discuss his take on the Illuminati and secret societies. Albeit, “hardcore” HipHop usually gets dismissed by socalled “scholars” and intellectuals, we’ll be the first to note that “P” drops some real knowledge on this one. Population control, mind control, presidential bloodlines, you name it, he disscusses it!

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