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October 10 |

Online space rental community, AirBnB, is now offering free professional photography to help customers successfully list their pads. The San Franciscobased startup claims that listings with professional photos are 2.5 times more likely to be booked. That means more rentals for users and more revenue for them. Smart!

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November 9 |

Okay, so not exactly the entire history, but American photographer, Michael Schmelling’s new book, Atlanta, does more than its share to candidly demystify the conundrum that is the city’s rich HipHop scene. We’re talking everything from the day Outkast formed, to the cars, clubs, gangs, and businesses involved with making it all happen.

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October 19 |

It’s hard to think back to a time when mp3 players and cellphones weren’t so prevalent. A time when the only portable music came blaring out of a passing car stereo, or, even better, out of a boombox! Canadianborn photographer, Lyle Owerko, explores that time and the powerful urban history associated with it in his new book, The Boombox Project: The Machines, The Music, And The Urban Underground. Okay HipHop heads, it’s time to put down the iPod and listen to some history!

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October 14 |

The former Deitch Gallery, in NYC, is now the location for Levi’s Photo Workshop studio, a creative space that will provide classes and resources for photographers. The project is the brainchild of Levi’s creative, Joshua Katz, who is also responsible for a similar SanFranciscobased print shop. Expect tutorials, digital and analog camera rentals, and handson help from photo professionals at the new space!

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October 5 |

Back in the 90’s Bo might’ve known football, but when it came to advertising, it was all ReggieKnow. The creative behind the ubiquitous HipHop infused Sprite campaigns of that era and the Vitamin Water bottle design of this era, is now the mastermind stylist behind Fashion Figure Inc. Along with partner photographer, Robert Kerian, the company seeks to captivate the minds of fans by producing some of the most jawdroppingly detailed custom work on toys that we’ve ever seen! Check out some of their shoots for some real fashionforward oldschoolin’ (soundtracks included).

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September 30 |

Erik Brunetti, the mastermind behind 90’s cultskate brand, Fuct, collaborated with HM Press to release a limited edition zine featuring his massive collection of polaroids. Brunetti, who is infamous for his dark humor and rebel ethic, limited the zines to just 40. Send an email to to grab your numbered and signed copy.

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September 16 |

Say hello to the new Nikon D7000, a 16.2 mega pixel DXformat digitalSLR. The successor of the Nikon D90 offers new DMovie features that includes 1920 × 1080p HD filming at 24fps, autofocus during recording, incamera editing, and external microphone support. All that punch in a mere 132 X 105 X 77mm body! Check out the full list of new features and specs here.

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September 15 |

The creatives over at Soviet Montage in San Francisco have been experimenting with a new filming technique that they dub High Dynamic Range video (HDR). The process works by simultanously filming with two DSLR cameras that are set to different exposure levels, then combining the footage into one. Although still relatively new and experimental, the technique could inspire new film standards for the near future! Have a look at the demonstration video and see for yourself:

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September 14 |

Californiabased photographer Arthur Drooker loves historic architecture. His infrared pictures of American ruins are a glimpse into his fascination with monolitchic decay. Something about them just seems so surreal and ominous. Moodiness aside, fans can check out more of Drooker’s gloomy work currently on display at the Virginia Center For Architecture, which is running his exhibition until November 28th. When asked about his technique Drooker reveals that he shoots with a special 35mm digital infrared camera, and that “the ethereal effect illuminates the otherworldy atmosphere that haunts ruins, allowing a photographer to transcend mere documentation and capture the mystery and elegiac beauty of crumbling walls, weathered facades and broken arches as no other format can.” Deep.

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September 8 |

Ever wonder about delivery trucks? Where they come from and where they go when they’re not delivering that cargo to your local supermarket, toy store, or McDonald’s? James Tribble and Tracey Mencendino wondered exactly that. They wondered so much that they actually opted to become truck drivers themselves. Fortunately for us, they didn’t quit their day job as photographers. The husbandandwife duo pursued their new crosscountry venture armed with plenty of film and cameras for the trip. Tribble & Mancenido, a blog with documentation and images of their adventures, is what resulted. Check it out and remember to honk when you pass!

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