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New York


December 13 |

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, UNIQLO is reaching out to those affected and spreading some warmth with a volunteer and donation program that will distribute 100,000 Heattech items and 10,000 Ultra Light Down jackets to those living in the areas of New York and New Jersey hardest hit by the storm.

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July 30 |

I Am Other network original program, Stereotypes, recently took on the genre of HipHop to hear what some New Yorkers had to say about it. The opinions varied along the spectrum of people, but the piece makes for a morethaninteresting “water cooler” talk about the musicthe good, the bad and the ugly.

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July 16 |

It has returned, a new rendition of the Supreme + Nike SB Dunk Low collaboration that pretty much changed the way consumers (hypebeasts mostly) perceived shoe releases. To commemorate 10 years since the original release the “Elephant Dunk Lows” are back in a new red, black and gray colorway with fullgrain leather and nubuck. Slated for release on July 19th in New York, Los Angelese and London, expect these to hit the Ebay resale racks for hundreds, even thousands. We dig the detail, but these will be too rich for us, quite frankly…

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June 19 |

Chicago art student Kelly Pratt has a thing for sandwiches. So much so that she decided to dedicate an entire project and website to it. Stately Sandwiches deconstructs popular renditions of the food from different American states and curates them into symetrical treats for the eyes. The goal for Kelly (besides chowing down) is to research, ask, and make her way into a sandwich for each state. Yum!

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June 7 |

As the NBA Finals march closer to fruition MTV2 gets ready to air their original basketball show, Nothing But Net, this Sunday. The production follows two high school basketball teamsWadleigh High School in Harlem and Douglass High School in Oklahoma Citywith championship hopes of their own. Professional ballers Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Tyson Chandler of the New York Knicks make appearances as they help guide and mentor the aspiring lads.

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April 23 |

Considering the recent positive turnaround of the New York Knicks basketball squad (headed for the NBA playoffs) we thought we’d drop a little post for the tried and true fans out there. Graphic designer and artist, Salehe Black, pays tribute to the modern, oldschool and even injured (Jeremy Lin) Knickerbockers via his series of player illustrations. He applies a familiar Distorted Urban Realist style that projects each player in a largerthanlife proportionsomething that postseason basketball usually does to diehard fans.

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April 2 |

Looks like there won’t be a mass uprising for a raise of the American minimum wage soon. Why? Because Americans are just too busy working to afford the most basic of necessitieshousing! According to an infographic based on statistics from the National Low Income Housing Coalition workers have to toil for up to hundreds of hours to afford decent housing (a 2bedroom unit at fair market rent) under minimum wage. Some of the frightening numbers include 136 hours in New York, 130 hours in California and a whopping 175 hours in Hawaii! Keeping in mind that there are only 168 hours in a week, these statistics are pretty out of this world!

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January 24 |

The social media experts over at Soshable are expecting tons of Twitter and Facebook use during the upcoming Super Bowl XLVI. So much that they actually wrote up a piece about how connection providers like Verizon are lacing Lucas Oil Field with an extraheavy arsenal to support 3G, 4G, and WiFi. And then there’s all the social media blasts and analytics that are going to be handled by digital marketing companies like Raidiousa great case study on what will most certainly be one of the most dataheavy events of the year. Hence the name, The Social Bowl.

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October 12 |

Hotel concierge, Amber Jones, knows a thing or two about getting around The Big Apple. But it’s not the sights and sounds that she concerns herself about in her upcoming children’s book New York, Phew Yorkit’s the smells! Jones says that she got the idea for creating the scratchandsniff storybook about the different aromas (and stenches) of the city after she found herself walking towards the scent of nearby pizza, only to accidentally step in horse manure. A slew of publishing proposals and fundraisers later and she’s getting ready to release the title this coming November. With 450 preorders already placed, we think it’s pretty safe to say that this idea smells like success!

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June 29 |

New York City’s Ace Hotel has partnered up with the creators of Full Bleed to create an installation commemorating its release. The collaboration, titled “No. 1022,” allowed the book’s authors, Alex Corporan and Andre Razo, to deck out an actual hotel room with their favorite photos. The work is now on display for your public viewing and booking pleasure!

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