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March 12 |

Sometimes social media just makes everything so inviting and acceptable without any room for a “dislike” button. Well we’re tired of it and so are the folks over at Hater App Inc. Built for iOS, their Hater program allows users to post and share things that they hate. Celebrities, trends, traffic, you name it. Download it here.

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March 11 |

Former Valve Corporation (HalfLife) creative, Leonard Menchiari, is introducing the world to his latest video game gem, Riot. Meant for iOS and Android phones, the unique chaos simulator actually lives up to its name. The premise is for the player to take sides between rioters and the authorities trying to stamp them out. Animated in 2D, full of all kinds of spritebased visual effects and an insane engine make it no secret as to why the project’s Indiegogo page has received more than double the goal amount, $30K!

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January 4 |

Introducing the Chameleon Clock, a brandnew iOS application that makes use of the iPad or iPhone’s rear camera to display a visuallyadaptive clock. For .99 USD users can have a sleek NetwalkApps timeteller that blends into whatever background it’s placed in front of. Sleek.

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April 28 |

Graphic Designer, Julian Burford, presents a series of popular foods in the form of iOS app icons. The work ranges from Campbell’s Soup cans to Oreo cookies to cheeseburgers. They’re pretty clever and extremely wellexecuted. Kudos on the foodo!

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April 19 |

Skate brand Supreme has just released an iOSoptimized version of its infamous website and online store. Now iPhone/iPad/iPod users can log on without having to worry about the original Flashbased site not coming up on their device. And as an added (strategic) perk, fans can even make the site part of their iOS homescreen like an app for easy access. To access the iOS version of the Supreme homebase, just log onto via your device. Voilá. Magic!

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April 12 |

The baseball card of yesteryear is now the iPhone app of today. That’s right, Topps is reviving its market by taking a plunge into digital waters. The company has launched a baseball card app for iOS that will allow users to collect and trade virtual cards. Topps Digital presents Topps Pennant. Sadly, no bubble gum included.

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April 10 |

Connoisseurs and average users of medical marijuana rejoice as one of the most designforward and comprehensive resources of strands and dispensaries, Leafly, is available online and as an iOS app. The genius behind both site and app is the level of detail and safeforwork option integration. There’s an AZ library of hundreds of strands organized and cleverly abbreviated into Periodic Tablelike squares, complete with their classification and effects. Great execution. We don’t care how “illegal” it is!

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March 27 |

Santa Cruzbased company, Motrr, has invented a robotic panandtilt platform for IOS devices like the iPhone. The premise of the Galileo, as its called, is to allow users to control 360 degrees of robotic motion remotely:

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August 12 |

Mobile advertising leader, Jumptap, has just released a report that maps U.S. cellphone operating system use. According to the data the Android OS beats out both the iOS and Blackberry. Check out the map results down below and download the full report here.

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