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February 21 |

Jasper Wong’s artist and cultural gathering in Honolulu, Hawaii, Pow Wow, just completed its second year on the island. The result was another successful joining of creative minds and hands that converged to engage the community and each other via murals, panel discussions and social events. From the looks of it the gathering is a success story for Wong, just not one that’s complete yet! You see, Pow Wow needs to be documented and its message needs spreading. Hence a Kickstarter campaign that’s seeking to publicly source a film documentary about the project and a book cataloguing all of the amazing art that it has produced. Not a bad thing at all! Even though they’ve already reached their pledge goal fans can still jump on board to contribute and receive supporter perks as well.

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April 2 |

Looks like there won’t be a mass uprising for a raise of the American minimum wage soon. Why? Because Americans are just too busy working to afford the most basic of necessitieshousing! According to an infographic based on statistics from the National Low Income Housing Coalition workers have to toil for up to hundreds of hours to afford decent housing (a 2bedroom unit at fair market rent) under minimum wage. Some of the frightening numbers include 136 hours in New York, 130 hours in California and a whopping 175 hours in Hawaii! Keeping in mind that there are only 168 hours in a week, these statistics are pretty out of this world!

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