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G.O.O.D. Music


October 12 |

Not sure how we feel about diamonds and jewelry especially after all controversy surrounding conflict gems, but here’s how piecemaker to the stars, Ben Baller, collaborated with G.O.O.D. Music artist, Pusha T on his $20,000 USD Mercedes Benz piece. We’re going to keep the politics out of his and just tip our hat to the fact that it pays homage to oldschool acts like Eric B. and Rakimcats that originally pioneered the accessory.

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March 31 |

Selfpublished author, head of The Think Movement and Chief Operating Officer of Kanye Westformed company, West Brands LLC, J. Sakiya Sandifer, blessed us with exclusive access to his new office down in the Hudson Square area of New York City. He was excited and he was energizedwith good reason! Check out what the selfproclaimed “thinker” revealed to us about his upcoming plans and strategysome of which includes a book deal with Lil’ Wayne and an altruistic plot for world domination! Tune in and turn it up as República presents :60 Seconds With Sakiya Sandifer. Produced by: Rainey Cruz Lensed by:…

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