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July 24 |

Toronto based skate squad, Street Feet, recently paid a visit to Detroit to explore its terrain. The result is “Free Doom,” a jazzy and freeflowing video that explores the 4wheeled depths of the controversial city. Which just goes to show, if the politicians and business men can’t do anything with the place, ambitious skaters can.

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April 29 |

More than four decades after Detroitbased garage/protopunk band Death’s inception, only now is their story being released to the world. As history has it, the band, comprised of three brothers (Bobby, David and Dannis Hackney), shopped their demo around in the 70’s until they could shop it no more. The music industry at the time wanted Motown and unfortunately their sound was far from it. But all wasn’t lost thanks to a 2009 independent release of their original demo tape. It was a hit and this rediscovery became the catalyst for the band’s ultimate return. This is the story of A Band Called Death, now featured in a fulllength documentary produced by Drafthouse Films. Hitting theaters June 28th, 2013.

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March 23 |

A lot’s been said about late Detroitborn producer, J. Dillaespecially after his passing. The ironic thing about Dilla’s musical infamy is that although he may have worked on some of the most prolific tracks and influenced the influencers (so to speak), he actually shunned the limelight. But leave it to FUSE and their latest Crate Diggers episode to peer into the life of a genius that few really knew about. R.I.P. Jay Dee!

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January 29 |

Sneaker conossieurs, Rick Williams and Roland “Ro” Coit, just laced up their shoes for the first episode of their new reality series on Loud. Detroit Rubber has the DTown natives showcasing their sneaker knowledge to help celebrities like Tiger, Prince Fielder, obtain hardtofind soles. Check out the broadcast and watch how their search takes them all the way to legendary Detroit MC, Eminem’s studio! We don’t do the shoe fetishism much, but this we like. There’s a story and history! We can dig it.

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January 9 |

Definitive Style Exclusive (DSE) Detroit is a premier streetwear brand hailing from Michigan. Smart, slick and welldesigned, the line aligns itself with hometown pride. You’ll find hats, bags, crews, hoodies and tees all representing love and support for The Motor Citya place that can really use it. Right on!

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January 9 |

It’s no secret that Detroit’s current state of affairs could easily rival that of a third world country. And with all due respect, The Motor City’s future also hangs in the unfortunate balance. Politics, jobs, money, and people all tied together, waiting to see or build for themselves what will or won’t be. Two documentaries have captured a firsthand look into the decaying frontlines and uplifting sanctuaries. Check out the trailers to Detropia, a hardhitting and dreamlike account of Detroit on the brink and We Are Not Ghosts, a story about Detroiters dedicated to rebuilding their communities. Both remarkable to watch and consider!

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January 7 |

B.L.A.C. (Black Life, Arts and Culture) is Detroit’s premiere lifestyle magazine for African American in the metro area. Covering everything from entertainment to education, the mag presents interesting stories and ongoings via high quality editorials and visuals. Check them out for the ins and outs of Detroit’s progressive black culture.

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January 6 |

Still rocking in Detroit for 2013 and we’ve had the pleasure of meeting Motor Citybred artist, Shades. The international graffiti master was cool enough to meet up and give República an honest account of his Detroit. With clients likes Chevrolet, Michigan State University and Quicken Loans it’s not that there’s infinite work available for a canman like Shades, but there’s affinity that the native has for his “island” as he tells it along with a living doing what he loves. Can’t hate on that!

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January 5 |

Our Editor In Chief’s been spending some time in Detroit this New Year and he’s been fishing us up some interesting things going on over there. One of those things is The Heidelberg Projectan organization dedicated to promoting thought and inspire action and heal the community of Detroit’s East Side. The following is a video that includes artist interviews and community reaction about the project.

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August 15 |

A good portion of the HipHop community (mostly Nas fans) is up in arms after Detroit author/activist/journalist Dream Hampton tweeted yesterday that rapper Nas’ “Untitled” album was largely written by two ghostwriters. Not only did Hampton make the claim, she actually named namesJay Electronica and Stic Man of Dead Prez. Pretty crazy considering that Nas is probably one of the most heralded HipHop artists of all time and claims to write all of his material. And Dream, who isn’t shy of her own legendary involvement in HipHop’s history (She actually introduced The Notorious B.I.G. to Tupac Shakur), is sticking to her story. Of course the allegations have been denied by multiple sides. Things also get stickier when fans consider Dream’s close ties with JayZ (wrote his Decoded book). We all remember the public (but now squashed) Nas/JayZ beef from ten years ago. All in all, a very intriguing “he said, she said” this is…

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