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July 31 |

Experiments In Speed is a phenomenally wellshot short about British bike welder and Donhou Bicycles. Directed by Greg Hackett, the narrative follows on their journey to push the limits to how fast their custom single speed bicycle can go. Piecing together the ingenuity of custom star and the help of an automobile eventually shows the potential at which the bicycle can travel. And still, it can go faster as an indoor test reveals the ability to reach a speed of 102 MPH. The ultimate goal is to one day acquire that or higher on the road.

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May 7 |

Rapper Lil Wayne continues to dedicate himself to skateboarding. This time around he and some professional homies (Greg Lutzka, Tyler Hendley, Yo Yo and Christiona Sereika) hit California’s Orange County to capture some nighttime thrills. Weezy and company laid it down, hitting everything from grass gaps to rails and even a ditch! Props to this. With all the negative publicity surrounding Lil Wayne, it’s great to see him have fun doing something he truly enjoys.

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August 8 |

In conjunction with the release of the Nike Lunar Glide+ 4 and the Nike Flyknit the sportswear giant is hosting a special Innovation Hunt in Tokyo, Japan. The premise of the search is for participants to locate special Flynitinspired and Lunarinspired gear that has been hidden throughout the city. Items range from Lunarlon skateboard deck, to a Flyknit Bearbrick toy and special fixed gear bike. Game on!

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February 21 |

Check out Finnish graphic designer, Tomi, and his Harvest Seriesa posterstyle tribute to the worldwide culture of cycling. Minimal and monotone yes, but expressive and representative of the spirit of riding still! We totally dig.

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May 16 |

Dustin Cott is a Californian bike builder. Inspired by the European craft of cafe racers and the subculture of American hot rods, he rebuilds custom rides out of old Japanese motorcycles. Talk about conundrum! But if you watch his film, Cafe Cowboy, you’ll see why it makes perfect sense. Shot by Benedict Campbell, the short is a wonderful piece about a hobby turned art that’ll make anyone want to fetch a twowheeled ride!

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May 6 |

How about a little wine for your romantic dinner under the stars tonight? And here’s a nifty new way to transport iton your bike! Canadian designer and carfree enthusiast, Jesse Herbert, presents the Bicycle Wine Rack, a beautifully constructed bottle holder made from recycled oiltreated vegetabletanned leather. This is real 1900’s Parisian smooth right here. We love it!

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January 26 |

Here’s one for all the freestyle and singlespeed riders out there. New York City label, Mishka, recently collaborated with the fine bike makers of Milwaukee Bike Company to create the Mishka D.A.R.T. Bruiser. Knowing both companies and their reputations for quality and attention to detail, it’s pretty safe to bet that the frame is as tough as it is fresh!

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January 21 |

Defgrip sat down with Oakley to explore the company’s rich history in bmx and motorcross. Bet you didn’t know that the international eyewear giant had humble beginnings in, what else, rubber handlebar grips! Yea, we didn’t either. Fascinating.

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BMX 2000

December 8 |

Check out what a Canon 7D camera, Adobe After Effects, some added particles, and a 2000 framespersecond setting can do to a BMX video. You’ll have to thank Voranc Kumar (bike) and Otan Bačar (camera). Quite impressive!

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December 2 |

Freestyle rider, Andi Wittmann, and director, Felix Urbauer, have teamed up to put together some of the most beautifullyshot bike cinematography around, for their new short, Framed. We’re seriouseverything from shot composition, to flow, to soundtrack selection is flawless! If you’ve never been a bicycle enthusiast, it’s fair to say that now’s a great time to start.

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