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July 31 |

Experiments In Speed is a phenomenally wellshot short about British bike welder and Donhou Bicycles. Directed by Greg Hackett, the narrative follows on their journey to push the limits to how fast their custom single speed bicycle can go. Piecing together the ingenuity of custom star and the help of an automobile eventually shows the potential at which the bicycle can travel. And still, it can go faster as an indoor test reveals the ability to reach a speed of 102 MPH. The ultimate goal is to one day acquire that or higher on the road.

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May 29 |

Eat your heart out XGames. Midwestern BMXer Tim Knoll takes the cake when it comes to freestyle riding. While other BMX athletes may be concerned with hopping down stairs or gliding on rails, Tim’s flipping under basketball hoops and twirling around poles, all while meticulously maintaining control of his bike. We swear it’s like BMX parkour. Someone get this kid a movie stuntman role or something please!

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May 29 |

The popular bicycle sharing system used in cities in Europe, Asia, and North and South America that rents bikes to individuals on a short term basis has arrived to the New York City boroughs of Manhattan & Brooklyn. Citi Bike is a privately owned public bicycle sharing system that began 24/7 operation on Memorial Day with 6,000 bikes in over 300 different docking stations. It’s the largest system of its kind in the United States.

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May 13 |

Red Bull and some of the world’s greatest fixed gear bicycle riders converged on San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza park again for this year’s Red Bull Ride + Style FixedGear Competition. As expected the event brought out some of the most exhilarating and daring of twowheelers, some of which banged out everything from backflips to frameless drops off and onto ramps. Watch the recap and really ask yourself how these guys pull all of these BMX style tricks on bikes with fixed (no free pedaling) cogs.

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May 11 |

Things Come Apart is an intricate photo/design series by creative Todd McLellan. The premise of the project, which ultimately stemmed into a book of the same title, was to deconstruct the most popular and intricate objects (a bicycle, laptop, smartphones, Swiss army knife, etc.) that people use and truly observe their layout. Here are the visually stunning results.

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October 24 |

Contrary to what some may think, not every major European city is bicyclefriendly. Take Brussels, for example, according to statistics only 4% (as opposed to the common 2025% in other cities) of it’s population commutes via pedal power. The following is a detailed documentary (Brussels Express) on how biking in the most congested city in Europe actually holds up and what can be done about improving the scenea real lesson in social studies!

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September 8 |

A San Franciscobased startup named PumpTire has created a selfinflating tire that could very well revolutionize the cycling industry! The hope is to gather enough funding for the prototype to eventually mass produce it. The technology works by using a builtin valve mechanism, spinning motion, and the weight of actually riding the bike to pump air into the tire. Once the desired pressure is reached, the valve that allows air in, automatically closes off. Neat.

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April 25 |

Is it possibly for two inanimate objects to fall in love? If you ask the artists behind Peseta they’ll probably answer you with a stern “yes” and explain the story behind their bicyclepowered sewing machine. The group developed the machine (and short film) for The New Museum in New York City. The results are a display at the museum and some unique bicycle caps. Spread the love!

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April 1 |

Check out what happens when a developing, thirdworld town is flooded with over 20,000 reused bicycles. The following film, The Bicycle City, is a documentation of what occurred to an impoverished Nicaraguan village as bicycles provided by David Schweidenback and Pedals For Progress began to influx. You’ll be amazed at how the simple concept of mobility really affects the lives of the underprivileged villagersa true testament of change and social empowerment!

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December 2 |

Freestyle rider, Andi Wittmann, and director, Felix Urbauer, have teamed up to put together some of the most beautifullyshot bike cinematography around, for their new short, Framed. We’re seriouseverything from shot composition, to flow, to soundtrack selection is flawless! If you’ve never been a bicycle enthusiast, it’s fair to say that now’s a great time to start.

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