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June 1 |

For this year’s D11 Conferencea gathering of technological wonders held in the wizards at Motorola presented a new password authentication technology in the form of a pill. Senior VP of Advanced Technology, Regina Dugan revealed what’s being dubbed as vitamin authentication, a tiny pill that, once consumed, mixes with a person’s stomach acid to to create an 18bit field of energy that in turn grants them access to secured locations. Guess it’ll be pretty hard to forget a password that’s literally inside you. Crazy!

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May 4 |

Imagine what it would be like to journey inside of a cloud. This is exactly what inspired Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya to create his mystifying (pun intended) huffs of artificial mist. Visitors can literally walk through an intense fog that replicates the make up of a cloud! Nakaya’s curious elementalbased work is currently on display in Linz, Austria and uses a series of special nozzles that evaporate highpressured water.

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April 26 |

Not since the days of elementary school have we really wondered about the distance of any planet. Although every now and then (when things get quiet at the office) it is possible to slip into a daydream about some interplanetary travel. We’re pretty sure that’s how Motion and Interaction Designer David Paliwoda came up with the idea to animate and calculate (in pixels) the Distance To Mars. What a brilliant way to show folks that the red planet is only twice the size of the Earth’s moon and more than 428K pixels away.

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April 10 |

With the global economy destabilizing and collapsing all over the place some digital engineers thought it’d be wise to create a digital form of currency that didn’t rely so much on the faulty politics (and printing) of governments. The result is the Bitcoin, a form of algorithmbased currency that can be mined and exchanged digitally across The Internet. Sound too SciFi to be true? Well just watch the following video and judge for yourself. Perhaps the future has indeed arrived…

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April 10 |

Designer Adam Harvey is a bit of a buttonpusher, if you will. His work isn’t the kind of stuff you’ll find peddled on New York City’s 5th Avenue or showcased down the Milan catwalk per se. No, it’s much more political than that. You see, Harvey’s most recent set of attire is truly set on functionality and survival. He’s designed a series of antidrone capes meant to keep wearers safe from the heatseeking technology that drone planes use to remotely target their victims. The antidrone wear, as he calls it, is made up of lightweight, flexible materialized fibers that reflect heat. Interested parties can check out the inspiration behind the work and more information about its most recent London exhibition here.

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April 9 |

Minute Physics decided to tackle the baffling concept of multiple universes, a.k.a. multiverses. According to this episode there are three theories or models of multiple existences and they are described as bubble universes, membrane universes and the manyworlds theory of quantum mechanics. Essentially, all three of the theories have not been proven with experiment, however they can exist and/or be imagined simultaneously, which in itself is even more profound and baffling!

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April 7 |

Filmmaker Michael Koenig has created a time lapse of Earth from Space. The resulting film is the product of a series of HD photos taken from the international space station in 2011 with a special lowlight camera. Viewers can see lightning storms, city light grids and even The Aurora lights as the Earth majestically spins on its access.

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March 23 |

Californiabased snowboard company, Signal Snowboards, likes to think outside of the box for their Every Third Thursday series. The premise of the ritual, aside from team building, is to truly push the limits of what can be done with a board. This week’s episode linked Signal with 3D print company, GROWit. Watch as the creative bug bit and the crew did their thing. A few adjustments later and they had themselves a workingl ride. One can only wonder what this could mean as a real means of production…

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March 20 |

Worldrenowned street artist and Obey Giant mogul, Shepard Fairey, has taken his work to the final frontierquite literally! The artist was given the opportunity to design a logo patch for a new NASA international space station named Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS). The center will serve as a playground for entrepreneurs and scientists alike.

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March 14 |

Photographer, Martin Rietze, is known for his extraordinary work covering Earthbased terrain that look out of this world. One of his specialties in particular is live volcanoes. Check out what the shutterbug caught of a recent Japanese eruption of Sakurajima. There’s thunder, there’s lavatruly remarkable stuff! Check out the entire sequence here.

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