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Personal Finance


May 18 |

The following is a European ad for fullservice mobile bank Hello Bank. It features a full symphony orchestra playing with some rather nontraditional instruments. Without giving it away we’d just like to note that it’s probably one of the more technologically advanced symphonies we’ve ever come across. The new mobile bank will be made available in Germany, Belgium, France and Italy. Genius way to brand!

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April 10 |

With the global economy destabilizing and collapsing all over the place some digital engineers thought it’d be wise to create a digital form of currency that didn’t rely so much on the faulty politics (and printing) of governments. The result is the Bitcoin, a form of algorithmbased currency that can be mined and exchanged digitally across The Internet. Sound too SciFi to be true? Well just watch the following video and judge for yourself. Perhaps the future has indeed arrived…

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