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June 23 |

In February 2014 Warner Bros. will be finally ready to release the longawaited Lego Movie. The CGI rendered project will feature the voices of renowned stars like Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell, Alison Brie, Liam Neeson, and Will Arnett as they help tell the story of an unlikely hero mistakenly designated to save Legoland from destruction. The film is directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs). Multifranchise fans rejoice as the quirky adventure will feature tons of Legosponsored cameos and familiar faces like DC comicbook heros, Star Wars worlds and more!

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June 23 |

Meet Malcolm Brickhouse and Jarad Dawkins, two of the most gnarly sixth graders this side of the universe. Why such an extreme support for them you ask? Well because these two pintsized AfricanAmerican Brooklynites are metal heads that play in their own bandUnlocking The Truth. Check out The Avant Garde Diaries’ profile of the rock prodigies and get into what shapes and inspires them.

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June 2 |

While young skateboarding prodigies aren’t necessarily anything new, Expedition Skateboards just struck oil with their latest 15yearold recruits. Meet the Brunner Twins hailing from Southern California. We won’t say much except for prepare to have your pupils dilate as you bare witness to two of the most stylish and gnarly teenagers you’ve probably ever seen hit the board. They’re too young to go pro, but man can they rip like (if not better) than their adult counterparts!

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April 8 |

80’s babies rejoice as Think Geek now offers pillow versions of ubiquitous Nintendo game cartridges. Ah the memories of having to blow and clean those faulty plastic suckers just to get a good video game session in! Now you too can share the love for the wonderful frustration we all suffered. Available for $34.99 here.

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March 3 |

The drama’s been steadily building up as Massacheusettsraised rapping tyke, Lil Poopy, has gone from unknown talent to controversial viral sensation. The 9yearold artist, reportedly managed and coached by his father, is in the middle of a hailstorm of backlash and criticism for his overthetop lyrics about fast cars, money and women. Hype or not the attention has made its way all the up to the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families which is currently investigating possible counts of child negligence. Sources say that the youngin’ was also affiliated with popular rapper, French Montana’s, Coke Boy entourage, something that Montana now strongly denies despite videos and photos linking the two. It’s also been reported that Poopy’s father has legally disowned him while undergoing the investigation. Looks like another case of the monkeyseemonkeydo syndrome. Unfortunately, when the bananas hit the fan nobody wants to take responsibility for the unwanted attention. What a shame!

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February 16 |

Comedian/Actor Rainn Wilson has an awesome YouTube channel called SoulPancake and on that channel he hosts Kid President. And Kid President has a message for you, a pep talk. So sit back, wipe that frown off and get ready to be highly, highly entertained and motivated. Man, this little dude is amazing!

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