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December 29 |

The PBS Off Book series explores the world of graphic design. The following episode breaks down how design influences everything from retail sales to public space to book covers.

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December 26 |

According to Canadian actorturnedrapper, Drake’s , Instagram account, commercial chains like Walmart and Macy’s may have some royalties to turn over. Mr. Toronto claims ownership to the nowinfamous phrase Y.O.L.O. (you only live once). And now the word is plastered all over merchandise like hats and shirts. This is going to be an interesting one…

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December 19 |

Excon Jeff Smith spent one year in federal prison. What he discovered while there was not what he had expected. On the inside he experienced the ingenuity and resourcefulness of fellow inmates that pretty much reflected the tenacity of modernday CEO’s and businessmen. The following is his remarkable TED Talk about how society should learn to tap into the resource of sharp inmates rather than stigmatize and outcast their return.

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December 5 |

What better way to teach the chit’lins about Science than to show them how everydayobjects and things can be turned into experiments? No one’s realized this better than the fatherson duo known as Kurzwiel & Son. The two make up the Chip Science Institute (Potato Chip Science), a fictional institution that creates real science experiment kits in chip bags for kids. Each kit contains a 96page instruction book and tons of everydayitems like lids, wires and zinc electrodes. The premise is to get the average child interested in science that he or she can find in and around the home or anywhere they may look. Food for thought!

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November 18 |

With the recent explosion of Native American influence on fashion (patterns, prints, visuals), few have asked about how the real Native American Indian community has benefitted from the “trend.” Enter NATIVE(X) a sociallyresponsible gateway for fashion, accessories and art that gives back to the Indian communities that it has vowed to support. Founded by Mac Bishop, the brand dedicates its proceeds towards funding art classes for children in reservations, supporting native artists that collaborate with them and expanding their cause. They also post up tons of current trends in pop culture on their blog that relate to Native American influence. Finally, some accountability for trends!

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October 13 |

What happens when a University of North Carolina beatmaking curriculum makes its way across the world to the Democratic Republic of Congo? The Congo BeatMaking Lab is what! It’s an initiative dedicated to developing opensource music software and setting up sound labs all over Africa in hopes of cultivating a rich and diverse musical landscape. Check out the following short to see just how the Beat Making Lab partners up with Yole! Africa to do what it does. Let hosts Apple Juice Kid and Pierce Freelon introduce.

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September 26 |

Fans of free Internet radio sites are being asked by leaders like Pandora’s Tim Westergren to support a new bipartisan bill. The Internet Radio Fairness Act, as it’s been dubbed, hopes to help change some unfair practices. According to Pandora (and others) the music industry is charging them hefty royalty fees that amount to 50% of their revenues while online radio sites like Sirius XM only pay 10%. Listeners and supporters can learn more about the act and how to help it pass by visiting Pandora’s FAQ page here.

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September 6 |

Young Urban Moms (YUM), a New York Citybased organization rooted in empowering mothers in the city, is hosting its veryfirst conference this coming Saturday, September 8th. The group will be presenting a series of speakers (Gloria Feldt, Eileen Fuentes, Geneva Sparrow, Riquelmy Sosa) and workshops centered around topics like: Finding Quality Child Care in NYC, How to Make Working From Home Work for You, Empowerment, Education and Exercise for moms! Attendees can check out the full agenda here.

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August 31 |

The folks over at No Fluoride want you to get one thing clear, contrary to what the experts and dentists say, flouride is no bueno for us! A recent post features an excerpt from Alternative Medicine: A Definitive Guide and makes some eyeopening points about why we’re at risk, how fluoride gets in our foods and what can be done to take control. Educate yourself here. And for those of you seeking an informal introduction into the world of fluoride poisoning, check out the following trailer from The Fluoride Deception. Real uplifting stuff. Yeah right…

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August 14 |

Indian mystic and spiritual leader Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev breaks it down really simply for us. The fears that we have as humans are all based on memories and imagination. None of them can exist in the present moment if we decide to accept the now. Listen well!

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