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June 30 |

The household and hardware experts of RustOleum have recently partnered up with NeverWet, a new super hydrophobic coating that repels and protects against all kinds of liquids. It works by applying a coating of the product to any surface, allowing it to dry, then stand back in amazement as it acts kind of like a force field against any stain threats. Check out the test video below where the team behind the product puts it to use on sneakers, clothing, cardboard boxes and even an iPhone, to detail its incredible resistance ability!

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April 6 |

Presenting the world’s most expensive penthouse, an apartment/suite in Monaco’s Odeon Tower. Created by architect, Alexander Giraldi, the panoramic rooftop setting sits adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea and his valued at over € 330 million Euros. It features an outdoor pool along with a list of building amenities like a Russian spa, a gymnasium, valet car service and even washing to keep even the most demanding of residents satisfied. So rich it’s filthy!

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