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July 10 |

As the cannabis pendulum continues to swing in America, states like Seattle embrace the growing (pun intended) interest and scene via events like the NW Cannabis Market. And trendpurveying sites like Cool Hunting get hip to the move and present their selfproduced coverage. Props to the lucky guy(s) that got to enjoy and shoot pot for a day.

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June 25 |

Artist Darren Goins is proposing the creation of a rather healthconscious public sculpture. Expected to be built in Queens, New York City, the “Flexible” installation will feature three sculptures that invite passerbys to physically explore them. The project is a collaboration between the artist, the Department of Transportation New York City Urban Art Program and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Astoria and Sunnyside. But it isn’t completely funded yet. You can help its Kickstarter right here.

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May 9 |

Photographer Peter Menzel was curious about the world’s eating habits and decided to document them in a unique way. His “What the World Eats” series (from a book that he published) features families from all over the globe including Africa, Europe, North America, South America and more, standing in their respective homes with all of the foods that they consume. The results are remarkable in terms of consumption differences, especially the diet difference between the modernized and more traditional/rural/indigenous families.

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April 1 |

Introducing the Treadwall, half treadmill, half climbing wall. Now gym enthusiasts as well as climbing aficionados can enjoy the workout of a good simulated climb. The machine works just like a treadmill allowing the user to adjust speed and angle. You know what they say, if you can’t make it out to the mountain, make the mountain come to you!

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March 17 |

Health Nuts presents an awesome look into the world of Encinitas local, Isabelle BarilOrtley, and how she keeps her small army of sons healthy and well fed. The FrenchCanadian “outdoorsmom” shows us how she cans seasonal produce, saving her money and piece of mind. When you know what’s going in you definitely know what’s coming out. Much respect to this knowledgeable and sustainable momma!

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March 4 |

The folks over at BuzzFeed Food have a pretty indepth article about a 45yearold Cannabis baker from Los Angeles, California. The former nonprofit worker turned to baking as soon as her daughter became old enough to allow her some time to focus on the craft. The article highlights the interesting ins and outs of the burgeoningyetstill clandestine industry. With plenty of pictures to show, but tons of red tape to cross, it’s interesting to note what the mommy baker mentions her motivations are and how detailed the process gets. Check out the full article here.

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