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March 17 |

Japanese label Griffin Hartland teamed up with the guerilla gardeners of Vallicans to create a capsule collection centered around concrete farming. Check out the awesome short they made to highlight the gear and urban beautifying process. Real tight!

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March 14 |

Photographer, Martin Rietze, is known for his extraordinary work covering Earthbased terrain that look out of this world. One of his specialties in particular is live volcanoes. Check out what the shutterbug caught of a recent Japanese eruption of Sakurajima. There’s thunder, there’s lavatruly remarkable stuff! Check out the entire sequence here.

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March 11 |

Action Sports shoe company, Etnies, continues to promote its buyashoeplantatree program which, according to them, has successfully restored over 200,000 trees in Brazil and Costa Rica. Now we’re not going to nitpick at the thought of a shoe company caring for the planet on one end and ruining it with mass production on the other. So let’s just say that we’re going to take Etnies up on their word and scout’s honor. If so it’s a fruitful, planetconscious idea that we can stand behind!

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