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July 20 |

Peter Han is an exceptional art instructor that teaches the art if drawing via chalk. Watch as he describes how his “dynamic sketching” is a full body workout that communicates drawing shapes in ways that traditional pencil and paper cannot.

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July 3 |

Miami rapper, Pitbull, is contributing to a new charter school in his hometown. The Sports Leadership And Management (SLAM) charter middle school and high school will begin classes this year. The School will be tailored to students who wish to pursue careers in a sports related field. Pitbull isn’t the first athlete or entertainer to try his hand at education reform by opening a charter school. Former NBA player, Jalen Rose, opened the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy, a charter high school in his native Detroit that was not without its share growing pains in the first year of operation. Former Miami Dolphin, Terry Kirby, also opened a charter middle school, Touchdowns4life, in Broward County, Florida that was closed down last year due to financial problems.

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June 3 |

Given the terrible state of New York City’s public education systemwhere many high schools, if not most, operate below the average standardsit’s really quite refreshing to come across independent programs and initiatives that break the stereotype. Take Harlem’s (Manhattan) A. Philip Randolph Campus High School, for instance. Their CCPI (Career and College Preparatory Institute) program was recently feature in an MSNBC short highlighting the great strides that their unique work is doing for enrolled students. This includes expanding their participation in the arts and setting them on a path to fouryear colleges and universities.

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January 31 |

Online creative education hub, Skillshare, has teamed up with prolific HipHop photographer, Jonathan Mannion, to help you shoot like a pro. The two have joined forces to come up with a free online course dedicated to showing students how create powerful portraits. And from the looks of it Mr. Mannion is certainly the right man considering his track record of megastars like JayZ, Eminem, Lil Wayne, etc. Check out his description of the course and feel free to sign up, literally!

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