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May 20 |

Designer Amanda Ghassaei has discovered a way to create wooden audio records. utilizing a 1200dpi laser she has been able to successfully replicate the grooves of vinyl records onto wooden pieces and actually play them back. Check out the following video to see how she does it.

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May 14 |

Here’s an usual series from photographer/creative Sonia Rentsch. Her recent Harmless series combines plant parts and forms them into silhouettes of firearms. The result is a beautiful juxtaposition of nature’s grace and man’s modern weaponry design.

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May 11 |

Things Come Apart is an intricate photo/design series by creative Todd McLellan. The premise of the project, which ultimately stemmed into a book of the same title, was to deconstruct the most popular and intricate objects (a bicycle, laptop, smartphones, Swiss army knife, etc.) that people use and truly observe their layout. Here are the visually stunning results.

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May 8 |

Ben BarrettForrest of Forrest Media presents an animated short about the history of typography. The fiveminute piece, comprised of 291 paper letters, 2,454 photos and 140 hours of stopmotion, features an indepth look at type from as far back as the original Blackletter to the modernday Helvetica. A mustwatch for typography nerds and visual artists alike. Kudos to the craftsmanship and conciseness.

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April 26 |

Spanish design firm Forma & Co. decided to explore the capacity of minimalist iconography by experimenting with a few popculture icons. Their ReVisions series reinterprets franchises like Marvel Comics, KISS and the Barcelona Football Club to name a few. Amazing to see how the slightest visual cues can conjure up a conditioned mind’s memory of a popular brand or concept!

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April 26 |

Not since the days of elementary school have we really wondered about the distance of any planet. Although every now and then (when things get quiet at the office) it is possible to slip into a daydream about some interplanetary travel. We’re pretty sure that’s how Motion and Interaction Designer David Paliwoda came up with the idea to animate and calculate (in pixels) the Distance To Mars. What a brilliant way to show folks that the red planet is only twice the size of the Earth’s moon and more than 428K pixels away.

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April 24 |

In what looks like a scene right out of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey or something even more futuristic and stellar, Norwegian architecture firm Cebra Studio has proposed the construction of the Church of Valer. The SouthEastern town lost its old church due to a fire back in 2009. Cebra’s proposal includes a crossshaped exterior and a massive widespaced, wooden interior. It’ll be interesting to see if the project will take off and be adopted. The renderings alone are quite impressive and out of this world.

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April 10 |

Designer Adam Harvey is a bit of a buttonpusher, if you will. His work isn’t the kind of stuff you’ll find peddled on New York City’s 5th Avenue or showcased down the Milan catwalk per se. No, it’s much more political than that. You see, Harvey’s most recent set of attire is truly set on functionality and survival. He’s designed a series of antidrone capes meant to keep wearers safe from the heatseeking technology that drone planes use to remotely target their victims. The antidrone wear, as he calls it, is made up of lightweight, flexible materialized fibers that reflect heat. Interested parties can check out the inspiration behind the work and more information about its most recent London exhibition here.

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April 9 |

Architect Carla Juacaba presents the Rio Bonito House. Built smack in the middle of the Rio De Janeiro mountainside, the minimalist construction of stone outer walls and steel beam roof and foundation serve to protect and preserve. The home is both an ode to its surroundings and a modern sanctuary from thema work of supreme balance!

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April 4 |

Tired of boring sticky notes? How about some Sushi Memo Pads to liven up the desk space of your work or home office? This colorful collection features a few tuna and salmon “rolls” along with an egg roll. Snag some of your own right here.

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