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June 11 |

More than a two years after its initial presence on the global media stage, Egypt’s revolution continues to echo and resonate around the world. Though mostly the physical uprising made its way into headlines and social media, there were also many artists whose contemporary intellectual and sociopolitical work continued to fuel and ignite change behind the scenes. Walls of Freedom is a project dedicated to exploring the broader context of the revolution and showcasing the work of 50 photographers 30 artists and 20 authors in a full color 240 page hardcover book format. Supporters wishing to snag their own copy of revolutionary history can help fund the project by logging on to their Indiegogo page and donating to the project.

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May 9 |

Photographer Peter Menzel was curious about the world’s eating habits and decided to document them in a unique way. His “What the World Eats” series (from a book that he published) features families from all over the globe including Africa, Europe, North America, South America and more, standing in their respective homes with all of the foods that they consume. The results are remarkable in terms of consumption differences, especially the diet difference between the modernized and more traditional/rural/indigenous families.

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April 19 |

French illustrator Malika Favre was commissioned in to illustrate a Deluxe Classic Cover of the Kama Sutra for Penguin Books in 2011. After completing the project with seven animated letters she decided to extend the concept and create a fullon alphabet. The Kama Sutra Project is the result of her clever ambition26 letters available in print for your viewing (and purchase) pleasure.

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March 4 |

Gingko Press is proud to present one of the most coveted anthologies on Graffiti hand styles and lettering, Flip The Script. The book, set to release this month, features some of the most prolific writers and their distinctive “alphabets”. Part history book and part bible, the 10yearlong project features the work of infamous artists like Kaves, Dash, SP One, Mike Giant. We strongly urge all the graff heads to be on the look out for this 224page gem!

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February 12 |

Harlemborn Dominican/American author, Raquel Cepeda, traces the roots of her biogenetic makeup in her latest work, Bird of Paradise: How I Became Latina. The autobiographic piece follows Cepeda’s chaotic family upbringing and her yearning to literally identify who she was and where she came from. Embracing both HipHop and the New York City streets of Uptown Manhattan the once “lost” child of the inner city manages to pick herself up and put together the puzzle that is her DNA and history. The book drops March 5, 2012 and can be preordered here. Oh, and there’s even a coupon for 10% off of an ancestral DNA kit of your choice so readers can trace their history as well!

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