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Gamers all across America will rejoice as the 25th edition of EA Sports’ Madden Football is released this week. This year’s edition of Madden has Detroit Lions legend Barry Sanders on the cover and boasts the new Run Free system, which adds 30 new moves to unleash on the defense when running the ball. Whether you’re a novice or have been playing the game since the days the ambulance drove out on the field, this year’s Madden has special offers to entice gamers.

The Amazon exclusive Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition comes complete with a unique code to watch the full 2013 regular season of NFL Sunday Ticket on computers, tablets, and mobile devices as well as One Madden Ultimate Team pack per week for the 17 weeks of the NFL season. This year’s game will also be the first edition played on the next gen of consoles (Xbox One & PS4) and Gamestop has a special offer where the Xbox 360 version can be traded in for the Xbox One version for $9.99 when the Xbox One is released in November. So whether you play Madden for pride, professionally, or for pushups it’s time for another edition of America’s best-selling sports video game.

Felix Garcia III

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