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The drama's been steadily building up as Massacheusetts-raised rapping tyke, Lil Poopy, has gone from unknown talent to controversial viral sensation. The 9-year-old artist, reportedly managed and coached by his father, is in the middle of a hailstorm of backlash and criticism for his over-the-top lyrics about fast cars, money and women. Hype or not the attention has made its way all the up to the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families which is currently investigating possible counts of child negligence. Sources say that the youngin' was also affiliated with popular rapper, French Montana's, Coke Boy entourage, something that Montana now strongly denies despite videos and photos linking the two. It's also been reported that Poopy's father has legally disowned him while undergoing the investigation. Looks like another case of the monkey-see-monkey-do syndrome. Unfortunately, when the bananas hit the fan nobody wants to take responsibility for the unwanted attention. What a shame!