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The New York City Police Department policy of street searches has come under fire (yet again) as civil and women's rights activists argue against their unjustified nature. By law, male officers are allowed to search and pat-down a female civilians if they suspect that she is carrying a weapon. A recent New York Times article breaks down the reality in startling numbers. According to their research, last year the NYPD stopped 46,784 women, frisked about 16,000 only to find guns on 59 of them. And here lies the dilemma. While the department argues that the safety of officers and other civilians justifies the means, others point out that the searches are statistically unreasonable, let alone embarrassing and considered a form of harassment towards some women. And let's not even get into the subject of racial profiling, as any informed reader already knows what race of women are being stopped and in what neighborhoods…

When officers conduct stops upon shaky or baseless legal foundations, people of both sexes often say they felt violated. Yet stops of women by male officers can often involve an additional element of embarrassment and perhaps sexual intimidation, according to women who provided their accounts of being stopped by the police. And many incorrectly believe that the police, like Transportation Security Administration officers, are required to have female officers frisk women.


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