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Product manager, feminist and advertising expert Teresa Valdez Klein knows a thing or two about the tactics online marketers use on unsuspecting Facebook users. As you would have it, the social media platform, in all its glory, is really just a tool that allows the marketing world to pinpoint exact demographics. So the question then becomes: What happens when this "subvertising" gets downright offensive and touchy for the user? Like when Teresa updated her online profile from married to single. The results were staggering! She points out how the marketers (automated or not) immediately flooded her with ads pertaining to weight loss, dating services, etc., all forcing her to believe that she was wrong and stigmatized for her reality. Thankfully Teresa was aware of the tactic and decided to take matters into her own hands. She purchased low-cost ads and advertised to her own female demographic about how their bodies were okay and life wasn't terrible. Go Teresa! Way to reverse the careless (and psychotic) advertising that really messes with our happiness.

Ladies, they're priming the pump with our lives. The marketers don't really care whether you're happy in your marriage as long as you buy a ring.

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