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A recent trip to Montreal, Canada put us in direct contact with an alternative way of life referred to by members as Mook Life. What exactly is a "Mook" you ask? Well, a pest/hooligan/deviant to some, or just someone who decides to see civilization from a different perspective, one that doesn't necessarily glorify the 9-to-5, house, car and picket fence. Heck, we'll let them describe it in their own words: is an online lifestyle blog dedicated to documenting life through the eyes of a mook. We are the voice of the streets and the heart of the youth, where ignorance and acting on impulse are not character defaults but celebrated skills. We see life on another angle and beauty in things that your common man’s eye is trained to overlook. It is these differences in lifestyle we wish to project to the world, because sometimes talent is sprung from the most unexpected places and bred in the harshest living conditions. The mook may be an idiot to some, a pest to others, but in our book… he is the last real human alive.

The following is a Mook Life Lookbook (Homeless Edition) dedicated to promoting the Mook lifestyle by giving props to actual (and often overlooked) street-dwellers.




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