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So our homie and resident hippie, Chuch, who just happens to spend her spare time travelling the states (what a flower child) has taken a break from smelling flowers and trying on gypsy rings in order to review Frank Ocean's freshman release: Channel Orange. Despite the recent controversy surrounding his coming out of the proverbial sexuality "closet" Chuch offers her innate, passionate thoughts on the album–what we love her best for!

i listened. i listened, -without analyzing- without any narcissistic thoughts interrupting the sense of listening. and it was difficult to do this, especially when you are listening to the now “gay-bisexual-whatever you wanna call it, Frank Ocean”. i have been a fan of the ocean ever since the humble days of his nostalgia, ultra debut, so i had to erase any expectations and anticipations to actually listen. and i realized, the reason why i liked frank ocean so much, was because i couldn’t necessarily relate to every song, because they were his songs, his stories, his inside jokes, his art.

which depicts what an artist should be, which then led me to think why are people glorifying frank ocean so much for coming out? i mean, i was too, and then i realized, he didnt “come out” for me, or for his fans, or for the gays, or for america, he was just being himself. which questions america’s credibility (like always), why is being yourself such a luxury? and why is he again, glorified about how such an “artist” he is? i mean he’s a music artist, isn’t that how all “artists” are supposed to be, isn’t art supposed to be a catharsis  expression of self? so why are so amazed by it? he composed, and wrote music to his taste, not for anyone, not for me, not for  you, and people can see that, we can always relate to the fundamental truth of honesty, and it unites us. 

frank ocean’s music is a beautiful collage of personal tales. it is this amazing eclectic scrapbook of scattered emotions, like the song “pyramids” is the complete opposite from “forrest gump”, and the  the freedom in the “child like” questioning in “bad religion”,  which details exactly what a human is: a host of different and extreme emotions. we all are. we are all emotional powerhouses, who are constantly battling our inner truths with the standards of reason, and thats what frankie has done in this album. from sounds to lyrics he expressed himself humanly, with flaws, questions, and “foolish ignorance”. which is why i love frank ocean. i mean he named his album “channel orange”, and as an art school baby, you see the great emotional representation of that, as colors are  the purest state of emotions, and what could be any more “pure” than channeling a color. 

 i really don’t have a specific point to this, they are just thoughts about this person, and his work. which is what makes the world go ‘round, ideas, if you have created something on this earth to cause the questioning of ideas, and have created, then you my friend have already lived, and served your purpose.  

and he’s gorgeous anyways. 

Stream Channel Orange from Frank's Tumblr page here.

And follow Chuch via Twitter at @LoveChuch.

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