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Fashion guru Bobby Hundreds of The Hundreds had some choice things to say about "success" in a recent Tumblr post. The words were in response to a fan question about how he was able to "make his brand so popular". We couldn't help but to spread the wealth of knowledge. Superficial or not, some fashionistas are thinkers, especially successful ones!

With $600.  Working hard. Ignoring the hate. Listening to our brand. Doing it myself. Doing it for myself. Wanting so badly to prove my parents and teachers wrong. Treating people decently. Traveling. Growing up in hardcore. Staying informed. Losing sight of failure. Skateboarding. Recognizing real. Paying respects. Supporting great work by other people.  Asking questions. More importantly, listening to the answers. Reading books. Responding and reacting. Taking responsibility. Pursuing integrity. Upsetting the setup. Speaking up for the voiceless. Staying silent otherwise. Educating. Communicating. Forgiving, but never forgetting. Being a Lost Boy. Capitalizing on the Internet.  Listening to the Pixies. Recognizing the younger generation. Living with passion. Nurturing healthy relationships with family, friends, and lovers. Equal parts brand and business. Learning about who came before, what they contributed, how, and why. Severing distractions. Distancing myself from negativity. Surrounding myself with people who are smarter, richer, and above all, happier. Thinking outside the box (the computer). Taking myself ridiculously. Being grateful for everything, good and bad.  God. Fighting back. Not doing it for the money. Doing it for the relationships.  Doing it for the creativity. Doing it because it’s cool.  Doing it for the love.

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