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The Guardian reports on how Chinese micro-bloggers area avoiding the long arm of the internet-censoring law by coding references to politics and government with pop culture. That's right, web users are turning to Teletubbies and instant noodle names to make reference to government officials and politics in their posts:

“[A few] days ago, Beijing was hosting an innovative tug-of-war for the elderly; this game has nine contestants in all,” wrote one internet user on Thursday, in a thinly veiled reference to the nine members of the Politburo Standing Committee, the country’s top political body.

The first round of the contest is still intense … The teletubby team noticeably has the advantage and, relatively, the Master Kong team is obviously falling short.

“Teletubby” is code for Wen Jiabao, who chided Bo publicly before his ousting – the Chinese for the children’s show, tianxianbaobao, shares a character with the premier’s name. The popular instant noodle brand Master Kong is known as Kang Shifu in Chinese and stands in for Zhou Yongkang, who is reportedly supportive of Bo.

Talk about fooling the internet and thought police! Readers can check out the entire article here.


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