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Okay, so maybe we were kidding about an actual "attack" but there's definitely a little friendly competition brewing. You see, for a while now, New York City-based local media celebrity, Juan Bago, has been riding the wave of viral buzz thanks to his brand of Dominican-laden comedy. First there was Pan Con Queso, a comedic remix to Wiz Khalifa's breakthrough single, "Black And Yellow," that centers around the popular Dominican breakfast ritual of the grilled cheese. And in his latest spoof, Dominis In The Heights, an ode to Kanye and Jay-Z's "N***as In Paris," Bago manages to score a cameo from Broadway golden-boy, Lin Manuel Miranda (In The Heights). Huge, right? Perhaps.

But enter Manuel Minus P of and this virtual town might not be big enough for two viral funnymen. Unlike Bago, Minus P's material highlights more island-centric quirks, complete with segments about the comedic archetype Dominican male, Dominican female and even Dominican parents! And now the million dollar question: Who's funnier and why?



Minus P:

Does the Bago charm do more to foster humor?


Or does P's island approach make a stronger demographic of fans laugh?


We're letting the reader comments decide this one. Let us know!


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    Loco Manuel P is crazy funnier!!! Ese tiguere se la inventa. Es mas factual a lo k es ser Dominicano. Esa es comedia mas Domini creo yo…

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    Minus P!!!!!! that nigga is funny as shit.

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    Minus P. is my favorite..every time my kids hear me lol_ing they come into my room and asks me if He has a new video..ay mis

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    No question Minus P is not only funnier but Original. Juan Bago is ok. But it’s really easy to get someone else’s work and flip it. Now it’s a totally different thing to come up with something completely from scratch. Props to Minus P.

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    no hay comparacion, dos cosas totalmente diferente.

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    M p thazdomicano manny

  7. Reply


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    definitely agree with u franklin…. minus p is the best!!!! all of this videos are crazy and hilarious… ay tu!!

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    josue gutierrez

    la verdad es que los 2 estan bien locos y no veo la razon de comparar ya que no hacen lo mismo lo de cada uno es diferente

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    I like thatsdomicano, es funny original, dominicano platanero puro, ahy tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ahy mis hijos , como gozo con el, sigue palante chico, jajajaja

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    Vladi frias

    Minus “P”

  12. Reply
    Clara Rerello de Rutzen

    No hay duda que Manny es el mejor! Tiene la gente dominicana ficha! En 2010 regrese a SD por primera vez en casi 30 años y la gente sigue igual! Todavia existen los chopos, los tigeres, los papi chulos y los “no me hiede el culo”. Manny lo explica con humor y aun reconoce que no hay mejor pieza de tierra en el mundo! Muchos exitos Manny “That’s Dominican”.com. Y si algun dia decides lanzarte para Chicago, avisame! Besos!

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    They are 2 funny individuals y cada vez k salen con algo ee una cura. Either spoofing or coming up with stuff just keep doing ya thing

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    Minus P es uno de los comediantes mas originales que tiene Dominicana en el extranjero. y es una boveda llena de talento, k una vez que lo deje salir todo, nos dejara impresionado.. espero que siga asi

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    Randy Susana

    Minus P is def better since he is not only ORIGINAL but also touches the Island/traditional side of us.
    He talks about things DOMINICANS can relate to; where as Juan Bago just wants to twist anything to make us look like fools and has no relation to us (Dominicans-Besides Pan con Queso) and our roots.
    The only skit he had that SOME WHAT related was Pan con Queso but even that was a remake of a popular song. So NO CREATIVITY!

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    bago is like funny but he doesnt do a lot of things that us like dominicans do, is like a dominican york parody pero na ta jevi pero a mi personalmente me gusta mas manuel y no es como la gente dice k el se burla d nosotros, hell no, cause he’s dominican too. pero el ensena la forma d ser nuestra caracteristica el viaje d palabras k usamos k es como un idioma totalmente diferente en el mundo y k solo nosotros entendemos y la gente k se junte con nosotros por costumbre, es asi, si te gustan las cosas buenas de tu pais tambien debes ver las malas, y las cosas d nosotros no son malas, sino comicas atento a coro asi k pa mi todo mi apoyo a minus p y todo el elenco de sigan pa alante un shout out desde santiago rep dom!!! arriba mi quisqueya!!!

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    Joel Cruz

    To only talk about Juan Bago’s Spoof Videos as his only body of work is Bad Journalism. If you research his work you will see that the 2 Spoof videos are the only 2 UNORIGINAL things he has done. Including his past work with ROOM28. I dont blame the readers but the writing. RESEARCH.

  18. Reply

    munuel pimentel es el mejor

  19. Reply

    Minus P IS WAY FUNNIER!!

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