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By Amanda Farda

Introducing Super Mario 3D Land, the latest Mario adventure that derives from the original Super Mario Land titles first introduced on the Nintendo Game Boy.

As per usual, the evil reptile, Bowser, has snatched up the ever so kidnap-able Princess Peach and it’s up to Mario, the savvy plumber, to rescue her from his castle. This mandates Mario to run, jump, and flutter through eighth different worlds all with various levels and item stages that'll surely keep you busy and entertained!

One thing you can’t have a Mario platformer without is power-ups, and one of the most beloved ones returns with this title: The Tanooki Suit from Super Mario Brothers 3. It turns Mario into a Tanooki allowing him to flutter after a jump and whip enemies with his tail. Other power-ups include the classic Fire Flower, which grants Mario the ability to throw fire balls, the Star that briefly makes Mario invincible, and introducing the Boomerang Flower which grants him the power to toss boomerangs. No offense, but I tend to stick the more traditional ones like the Tanooki Suit which I find to be more fun and useful.

Game controls are a dream and I’d expect nothing less from a Mario title. Mario’s got his usual mantra of moves that require precise controls to pull off and propel you forward. Timing that jump just right is crucial, especially when collecting the Star Coins scattered throughout the levels as they can be placed in unique areas off the beaten trail. There are three hidden in each level and collecting them is essential to progressing, as you'll need them to unlock new worlds.

Although initial levels may seem less challenging to seasoned players, don’t fret, because after you save Princess Peach another eight worlds await with new challenges, such as strict time limits and remixes of previous stages.

The levels are really well-produced! I guess we should note that there’s never been a 2D/3D Mario title like this. The 2D sets the path you'll need to go down, but the 3D actually allows you to further explore these paths. It also allows for different vantage points as there are parts you play top-down style, as opposed to left-right. The levels are timed like in traditional 2D Mario, so although you can explore, don’t wander for too long or you won't make it!

Truthfully, everyone's favorite plumber has never looked better on a handheld. The Mario "worlds" are as whimsical as ever and as unique as it gets. Super Mario 3D Land is quite possibly the best original 3DS title to date. Total must-buy!

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