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Our last leg of the Nike Invites series brings us to the University of Oregon, home of The Ducks football squadron. Because Nike Headquarters and the university share mutual sports program history and are in such close proximity to one another, there's an undeniable connection between the two houses.


One of the first things that you'll notice about the University's training facilities is the extensive knowledge and passion that exists for the athletic departments, in our case, football. Everything from stretching to weight training produced some extremely qualified facilitators that had no problem breaking down the essence of technique and purpose–something that we're sure cross-pollinates between Nike and the university as well.



Head Coach of the Oregon Ducks, Charles "Chip" Kelly, himself, took a few minutes to speak to us about Nike's role in helping his players train in ways that very few other teams have the opportunity to, including the use of technology like the Vapor Strobe Eyewear and how the science behind it really translates into football numbers:


And to wrap up the exclusive visit, we were able to catch an actual game between The Ducks and The University of Southern California.


Aside from the unfortunate loss to USC (38-35), watching The Ducks play and obtaining an inside look at the dynamics between the university, the program, athletic science and Nike, we've developed an insane appreciation for synergy and sports technology. 


A big thank you to everyone that made this journey and series possible. Hope you guys enjoyed and learned as much as we did. Until our next invite, República out!

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