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A recent New York Times article highlights a very fascinating and intriguing movement that's sweeping the globe–unrest. Yes, we've seen it everywhere this year, from the Twitter-induced revolution in Libya, to the riots in London, to the more recent Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City. According to the article, more young people than ever before are outraged with politics and government corruption, and letting it be known! A big factor, the article also explains, has a lot to do with the leaderless Web culture that is so prominent among many of these young rebels. The resources available via the Internet have created almost perfect storm conditions for worldwide upheaval. 

The critical mass of wiki and mapping tools, video and social networking sites, the communal news wire of Twitter and the ease of donations afforded by sites like PayPal makes coalitions of like-minded individuals instantly viable. 

Thus, the world is waiting and watching to see what is going to happen with this precarious mixture of anti-government sentiment and new methods of mobility. Results are going to vary, but certainly affect how we all rethink our conceptions of government, work, and society from here on out. Check out the entire article here.


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