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By Kimber Streams

Customers wanting a little more life out of their GoPro camera, especially when that money shot you've been waiting for all day arrives at the point of low juice, can now breathe a little easier thanks to the GoPro Battery BacPac. 

The device attaches to the back of the GoPro, effectively doubling the recording time from 2.5 hours to about 5.  For $49.99, The addition also comes with a waterproof case and a non-waterproof skeleton case for the GoPro HERO.  

We weren’t quite as fond of the Battery BacPac as we were of the LCD BacPac from a few reviews back, for several reasons.  Mainly, that it’s pretty hefty. Even though it’s just a shade thicker than the LCD BacPac, the extended battery almost doubles the weight of the GoPro. There is a way around this BacPac’s bulk, however, if portability's the issue. Since most camera situations don’t call for 5 hours of straight shooting without a battery or SD card change, the BacPac can just serve as a standby. You know, as in an only-in-case-of-emergency backup. It charges via USB, and the BacPac’s battery is identical to the camera’s original power source, meaning you can just swap out the batteries and use the BacPac as a charging station.  It’s not ideal, but definitely still useful even if the extra weight is a concern. 

Like the LCD addition, the GoPro Battery BacPac does a wonderful job of rounding out one of the GoPro’s limitations – now all we need is a GoPro wireless addition for remote shooting! 

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