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By Kimber Streams

The Harman Kardon GLA-55 speakers are truly the embodiment of the the Wow Factor. Their clear as crystal design matches the clear as crystal sound these speakers pump out.  

Right out of the box, the GLA-55 are stunning, who knew speakers could look so good? These are no wood and screen speakers, they add a beautiful piece to any sound set-up, not to mention a fantastic conversation piece.  Some may be turned off by the Crystal-Skull like design, but setting that unfortunate movie aside, they’re a truly stunning visual piece.

Set-up is very simple, plug in the speakers, attach them to your iPod, computer, smartphone, or anything that has a 3.5mm output, and blast some music!  There is also space on the speakers to attach a subwoofer if you really need more than these speakers can provide, but I was honestly very pleased with the base, but more on that soon.

The GLA-55 also sports touch sensitive volume controls that are very responsive and can crank up the volume pretty quickly, or mute in an instant by pressing both buttons at the same time which is handy for any number of situations.  

Now for what’s inside.  Harmon Kardon packed these speakers with as much high-end equipment as they could fit into such a small package.  The speakers have Atlas™ AL Woofers and CMMD® Lite Tweeters, which provide amazingly full bass and extremely clear sound, without leaving out anything in between. I will admit that I am not very versed in audiophilia, but when I heard these speakers I knew that I’d been listening to music wrong my whole life.  The GLA-55 pumped out such a range of sound that I was hearing parts of songs I’d never heard before, and the cannon-fire in Tachovsky’s 1812 Overture was astounding.  I really found no complaint about these speakers, especially considering what a small package they are, I was impressed that a 2-speaker setup could outperform every movie theater I’ve ever been in for overall sound clarity.  The only minor concern that I ran into was that the speaker connected to the power source was getting warm at the bottom after only about half an hour of use. Otherwise, everything about the product looks, sounds, and works wonderfully.

Now for the price tag.  $999.95.  Ouch.  That’s asking a lot for a 2-speaker setup, and I’ve heard a lot of people say that you can get way better equipment for that price, or at the very least a subwoofer included.  However, I will say that everything about the GLA-55’s performance is amazing and it comes in a beautiful package.  If you have the extra money to throw around, this is definitely a great choice. 

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