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By Amanda Farda

Novice DJs, get ready to spin. Gemini has just released its FirstMix USB DJ Controller, a controller for beginners rocking an entry level price of $99.95. Not only is the device affordable, it’s extremely transportable and light weight for DJ’ing on the go.

Installing the software to run the device is rather easy; simply insert the included CD, which contains the MixVibes Cross DJ LE software, into your PC (recommended to use Windows XP or 7) or Mac (OS X 10.4 and higher) and follow the onscreen prompts. Though the controller comes with the MixVibes software, it is compatible with other DJ programs such as Traktor, Virtual DJ and Algoriddim Djay. Once it’s set up and the controller is plugged into a USB port, you can import audio files in a variety of formats (M4A, AIFF, WAV, MP3, FLAC and OGG), but there is a convenient iTunes icon and within seconds of clicking it your entire library will pop up ready to be mixed.    

The device sports a traditional turntable look as it hosts two decks with two jog wheels, each with a smattering of corresponding knobs, including effects, bass, treble, and grain to alter the track that has been uploaded to a deck. A cross fader allows for seamless mixing between tracks. For the more seasoned music mixer, there are features like beat looping, beat matching, reverse, and preview options. The touch-sensitive jog wheels can be used to pitch bend and cue up songs, but there was lag experienced when scratching…nothing terrible but just enough to notice. Once in a while lag was also encountered when using the browse knob to go through music that had been imported. A nifty feature was discovered when a song was almost over, the track flashes red to alert you so another file can be queued up in time to keep the party going.


Not only does the controller let you DJ the night away, you can record your bumpin’ mixes and then share your talent via Facebook or SoundCloud.       

Bottom line, if you’re an aspiring DJ looking to see if spinning is up your alley, this is a great controller to start with. The included software is user friendly for beginners. The device can perform both basic and somewhat advanced mixing techniques, and it’s priced just right.  

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