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Fans of the dvd-by-mail and online streaming service, Netflix, were in for quite the stir last week when the company announced its new service prices. Prior to last week, customers were able to enjoy both streaming and mail-order movies for under $10. The new plan now divides the two and requires users to pay a $15.98 price tag for the bundle. Customers were very vocal about their thoughts (to say the least). Here are some of the comments that we pulled out of the maxed-out (5000 comments) post on the Netflix Blog

– I guess it's finally time to cancel my Netflix subscription. DVDs + Streaming gave me a great bang for my buck, but by not offering any sort of bundling discount for those wanting both, I can't justify sending you my money every month.

– Sounds great to me! The amount of use I get out of my Netflix account means I'd be willing to pay more (sorry whiners, but $16 is ridiculously cheap for unlimited anything, you can't get a good cable package for that price). I hope this means much more streaming content in the future.

– Are you F#**!!@! kidding me?

– I'm an existing "2-out" customer: Actually, I don't want the DVDs, I only want streaming. But with the new plan structure I will drop the streaming half, and keep only the DVD half. Why? Because 90% of the time, the movie I want to watch is available on DVD only, not streaming. Count one more unhappy customer.

It's never easy for a company to hike its prices. Hopefully Netflix is well aware of the general consensus and alleviates those concerns with service that justifies the hike. Lesson here, pay attention to your custies!


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