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By B.E.

I know what you’re thinking, hate is a strong word. A word that should be used sparingly and with great care. To that, I raspberry loud and emphatically. Having lived in 2 major US cities and traveled the world I have encountered all sorts of people. People with varying degrees of education and vastly different life experiences, but for the most part, there is that common thread of humanity and humor that connects us. It is these encounters that have made my life something of great value. Meeting and talking to strangers is one of my greatest joys and brings me inordinate amounts of pleasure. Something that does not bring me joy nor pleasure – stupid people.

Insensitive, elitist, mean – call me what you will, I stand my ground. We have all had those eye rolling or jaw dropping moments where either someone’s ignorance or limited brain function capacity leaves us dumbfounded. Pun intended.

I often share these moments with my big sister to whom I may be intellectually inferior, but with whom I can share my frustrations and a handful of sharp-tongued remarks and feel a little less alone in my frustration.

Now, stupid is an incredibly subjective term and can be used in any number of situations. Sometimes it’s cute and harmless, like when you’re on a first date and the reasonably attractive and charismatic person across from you orders soup, but pronounces Minestrone in a way that sounds much more like a German dictator than an Italian delicacy. Sometimes it’s amusing and anecdotal, as was the case when I entered Mexico through the Mexican arrival gate as opposed to foreigners due to a mix of travel haze and an ongoing identity crisis. The Federales failed to see the humor. And sometimes its just down right irritating like when someone is so oblivious to those around them and dig deep into their carry on hand bag searching for their Metro Card directly in front of the turnstile, or when in an attempt to sound sophisticated someone uses a word way beyond their own vocabulary and inappropriate for the situation and instead of illustrating their point, paints the picture of a dumb ass. This is brought to another level when the person failing to grasp the English language, is your boss. But I digress…

Perhaps when approaching my golden years I will be much more Zen and one love about all the creatures that inhabit this earth and feel an affection for all of these differences. Luckily, my days of 4pm dinners at Denny’s are still a ways off and I am still in possession of enough energy and venom to ask, am I allowed to hate stupid people?

B.E. is a photographer and aspiring freelance writer residing in New York City.

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