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As technology and the internet continue to impact the ability to access information, there are retailers, companies and individuals of all statures that are trying to wrap their heads around one common question: How do you sell things that people are now able to get for free? Well, Senior Maverick of Wired magazine, Kevin Kelly, actually addresses the concept at the recent Tools of Change (TOC) conference. The expert suggests that the continued monetization of goods will come from delivery and access, as opposed to the traditional model of supplying and demanding physical product.

There's this huge shift we see in the entire environment where people get more value out of having access to something rather than owning it. With Netflix, you don't own the movies, you just have access to them — Spotify, Pandora, and Last FM are music streams that go by; you don't actually own the music, you just access it … Why own them if you can have instant, all-the-time access?

Here's the video of Kelly's talk. Its interesting to note how he declares that sharing has actually made products more valuable. Watch and learn!


[via O'Reilly Radar]

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