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Tramaine_Experience2Tramaine Montell Ford is an American actor that hails from the infamous Cabrini Green Housing Projects in Chicago, IL. The theater school prodigy and BFA graduate of Syracuse University was recognized in 2009 by NBC News Chicago as a rising star to watch out for, and they weren't kidding! Mr. Ford's portfolio of appearances includes ABC’s One Life To Live, Saturday Night Live, Aida (International Tour), Hairspray (Feature Film), The Today Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and a supporting role in the Off-Broadway production, BJ. While currently residing in New York City, Tramaine is hard at work gearing up for his upcoming One-Man Show titled “The Tramaine Experience.” The Republica Update managed to catch up with the lad and kick him a few questions. 


Name: Tramaine Montell Ford,

Job title:  Actor, singer, dancer, comedian

In the field(s) of: Film /Television, Theatre, Music

Originally from: Chicago, Illinois

Motto to live by: Life is too short to not spend it doing what makes you happy


What brings a native Chicagoan like yourself to NYC? Well, I've always the dreamt of going to a place where art, fashion, and culture thrive. What better place than New York City? I think its a great place to cultivate an artistic career with so many people and so many venues. Having grown up in the theater scene also played a big part. There was always this allure about the lights and action on "Broadway."

What was the breaking moment that convinced you that you were doing the right thing by pursuing acting? I discovered acting early in my life. I remember always being involved with theater and arts programs and every year that I went, it only kept reconfirming my passion for it. There really was no "one" particular moment that convinced me, however I did have a breakthrough after college. My plans were to attend a school near New York City and hope that it would lead me into acting there. By the time I finished up my BFA at Syracuse University my plans had changed and I was now going to pursue a career in Los Angeles. But before I could go I wound up being selected to perform in a school showcase in New York City. It just so happened that there were talent scouts in the audience that evening and I was approached by two agents the very next day. So I decided to find a place in the city and the rest is history! 

In today's industry it isn't uncommon to find many stage actors transition over to film (and vice versa). Which art form do you enjoy more? I love both for different reasons. Theater is cool because of the energy that a live audience reciprocates. Theater is also something that gets approached chronologically, a start, a climax and an end. Film is different because its all divided up. You might shoot the end scene first and the beginning last. It also requires a sharper [acting] technique in performance. 

What exactly is "The Tramaine Experience?" The name has two meanings. The first is the telling of my story and my "experience" up to now, growing up, going to school, and arriving in New York City. The second definition is about the audience's experience as they arrive into the theater space. Unlike traditional theater, The Tramaine Experience breaks the proverbial "4th wall" that stands between the performer and the audience. The show will actually involve "you," the audience member…  

Blackberry or iPhone?

Catch the Tramaine Experience Saturday August 7th, 8PM at the Theatre Row Studios Theater: 410 W. 42 Street New York, NY 212-714-2442

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