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With baseball season a few weeks away, MLB and Bloomberg Sports have collaborated to bring you the ultimate in baseball analytics for the fantasy baseball head. Now you can call 'em like Cashman (World Champion New York Yankees GM for those not in the know) with the software's two components: "The Draft Kit" and "In-Season Tools."

With the Draft Kit you get powerful tools for successful drafting; dynamic charts and graphs  as well as real-time spring training updates on roster moves, injuries and more.Cons3

In-Season Tools provides real-time spotlighting of injuries, moves and trades; Insightful player comparisons and analysis with innovative graphs; and finally dynamic news and scoring ticker.Cons7

The system is totally web-based and it will set you back $19.95 for The Draft Kit; $24.95 for The In-Season Tools or $31.95 for the complete package.

We predict that this will do for fantasy baseball what Bloomberg terminals did for traders.

For more info or to demo the software, visit: or

For the FAQ's, visit:

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