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By Juleyka Lantigua
Every year, the third Saturday in April is officially “Husband Appreciation Day.” This year, it falls on the 18th.

Wives, you have a few days to plan something nice for your “adorado tormento” (beloved torment), as a veteran wife I know calls her one and only.

Husbands, here’s your chance to show off to you single friends. Below are a couple of lists that detail just how good being married is for you. Feel free to hit forward and add “Told you so!” to the message.

“The 7 Benefits of Marriage for Men”

1. Healthy children
2. Healthy marriages lead to strong relationships with children
3. Better family finances
4. Fuller, happier lives
5. A Long, healthy life
6. More, better, and safer sex
7. Increased faithfulness

From the National Fatherhood Initiative. For the full article, visit:

“The Benefits of Marriage for African American Men” by Claudia Sitgraves

Some excerpts:

“Married black men have higher incomes and are less likely to experience poverty. They enjoy better physical and mental health than their unmarried counterparts, and are less likely to engage in unhealthy or antisocial behavior. Moreover, the benefits of marriage are transmitted from married parents to their sons, and these boys do better in life from childhood into adulthood.”

“Evidence suggests that African American men benefit economically from marriage to a greater extent than other men, because married black women are more likely to be employed than other married women.”

“Married African American men are more likely to be employed than never-married or divorced men, and they work longer hours and earn higher wages than unmarried men with similar characteristics…Studies focusing on black men estimate that married men work two-and a-half weeks more each year on average and earn wages between 14 percent and 18 percent higher than never-married black men…”

“Married African American men have higher household incomes than never-married African American men, hold higher levels of assets, and are less likely to live in poverty. Households headed by a married black couple earned almost two-thirds more than the average black household, and black men are 30 percent less likely to live in poverty once they marry.”

“Evidence suggests that African American men benefit from resource sharing within marriage to a greater extent than other men…married black households earn 31 percent more than their never-married counterparts, while married white households earn only 23 percent more.”

“African American men also change their behavior after marriage in ways that are beneficial to their health. The social and emotional support that married black men receive from their wives is instrumental in encouraging healthy activities and protecting men’s emotional health.”

“Married African American men receive more support from their extended families and religious communities, and in return contribute to the social functioning of their neighborhoods and communities. In this way, married black men are more socially integrated into their communities than their unmarried peers.”

Check out the article at:

“Benefits of a Healthy Marriage for Men”

1. Live longer
2. Physically healthier
3. Wealthier
4. Increase in the stability of employment
5. Higher wages
6. Emotionally healthier
7. Decrease risk of drug and alcohol abuse
8. Have better relationships with their children
8. More satisfying sexual relationship
10. Less likely to commit violent crimes
11. Less likely to contract STD's
12. Less likely to attempt or commit suicide

From the Family Dynamics Institute. Check out the complete list:

Juleyka Lantigua is a writer whose work has appeared in books, magazines and newspapers around the world.

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