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By Juleyka Lantigua
Hefner Hugh Hefner’s daughter, Christie, recently announced that she has decided to step down as chairman and CEO of Playboy Enterprises. After twenty years at the helm of the premier purveyor of all things sexual, Hefner wants to get involved in public service. I have an idea: she should be named Sex Ed Czar by the Obama Administration.

Think about it. Who better to find innovative, catchy and ultimately addictive ways to present sex-related information, especially to our listless teens? This is the person who has been able to remarket, repackage, resell and reinterpret one of the oldest and most known-about topics in the world.

I can see it now. As Sex Ed Czar, Hefner can launch glossy, stylized but highly informative monthly magazines in multiple languages that entice readers to sneak out their fathers’ copies and share them with their friends in smelly locker rooms. She can create episodic abstinence PSAs with quirky and buxom blonde virgins in starring roles. Kids will watch them over and over on YouTube and email links to their friends after posting them on Facebook and MySpace.

Of course, she would also oversee the creation of an iconic symbol (think Playboy bunny meets Japanese anime) to solidify the branding power of the sex education initiative. It would also be a brilliant way to capitalize the organization’s efforts by merchandising the bejeezes out of the logo to a demographic whose spending seems to surge with its hormones.

Need more convincing? Her company’s stats back me up.

“Playboy is the world’s best-selling men’s monthly magazine. More than 10 million American adults read Playboy every month.” (Have you ever tried talking to just ONE teen about safer sex?)

Their television divisions, create “1,500 hours of original programming annually.”  (1,500 hours of sex ed episodes at 22 minutes each and 13 episodes per season would yield just over 5 new seasons of titillating but educational entertainment. That covers a teen from freshman year in high school trough freshman year in college.)

Most tellingly, Hefner has already started to use new technologies to reach her audience: “Playboy Wireless offers … custom wireless content including Playboy-themed games, images, video clips, voice clips and ring tones.” (Ring tones! Imagine a sassy young urbanite answering her Sidekick after two rings of  a hip-hop verse that goes a little something like, “Wanna holla at me? Check yourself for STDs.” Priceless.)

"Juleyka Lantigua is a journalist and editor whose work appears in national newspapers and magazines. For more info visit:"

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