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Please join us in supporting Michelle García and her documentary "Tell’em Who You Are.” Michelle will be screening exclusive clips from the film followed by a Q&A session.

About the film
The U.S.-Mexico border occupies a mythical place in the U.S. psyche, a wasteland of lawlessness, dirty and wild. With that image firmly rooted in our minds,, the U.S. government sold the public on the idea of a multi-billion dollar Border Wall across hundreds of miles of the southern border.

Turns out, there’s some truth to those tales and legends.  Blood once soaked the brush country and Tejano and Mexican rebels sacked towns and traded gunfire with Texas Rangers and Army soldiers. My heart pumps with the blood of those rebels, I am their heir and successor and the spirit of their cause summons me home.

Tell’em Who You Are is a return home, the embattled South Texas frontier, to recover memory, the historical memory of the Tejano-owned land that will be lost to the wall. Fighting on the front lines of Border Wall battle are the descendents of those largely known Tejano rebels and revolutionaries, continuing in a struggle for respect that began over a century ago. Our ancestors, the bandits and outlaws of Hollywood stories were actually Tejanos defending and protecting their land,identity and dignity from colonization. More than a century later, their fight is now ours.

Camaradas El Barrio
2241 1st Ave/115 St./ Manhattan
Donation at door: $5 bucks

About Michelle
Michelle García is a writer, reporter,  subway rider and Texas highway driver.

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