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Nyc_parking_sticker2 Sometimes we New Yorker’s go through our everyday lives so focused on the proverbial grindstone that we don’t stop to think or question why things are the way they are.

It is undeniable that having a car in New York City is a luxury that can quickly become a pain in the ass if a) you can’t afford the monthly garage fee or b) you fail to stay on top of the alternate side of the street parking calendar.

This same exact pain in the ass is why I haven’t had a car in twenty years…until recently that is.

Out of debt and recently married with a newborn baby, my wife and I decided to invest in a little whip to make our lives easier.  It comes in especially handy when making out of town trips to see the family; transport groceries as well as the little one. Thus far, the convenience has far outweighed the inconvenience of dealing with the day to day saga that is street parking in New York City.

Normally, we’re pretty good about moving the car on the right days in order to stay clear of the DOT storm troopers. That’s not to say that we don’t get the occasional ticket here and there, but normally, we pay the fine immediately to avoid any additional fees or even worse, having the car towed.

Well, this past Sunday evening in a tired, underslept stupor that only a long week can bring (those living with a youngin’ can relate), I made the mistake of parking in a Mon./Thurs. spot.  My mistake was thinking that Monday was November 11th, Veterans Day, which is a national holiday when New York City suspends alternate side of the street parking.
It was actually November 10th.

By the time I came to realize late Monday afternoon that I had been living my life one day later it was too late and I got hit with a 45.00 fine, which I’m cool with. Afterall, it was my fault… all good, right?

Actually, not all good at all!!!

Here’s what I can’t understand. Why does the City Of New York, aside from the fine, engage in what amounts to legalized vandelism of my private property by sniping my rear passenger, drivers side car window with a 12×12 garishly green neon sticker using industrial strength glue? Is that really necessary? Isn’t it a little excessive? Is a fine not enough? Not in New York City my friends.

What genius executive at the Sanitation department came up with this brilliant Pavlovian idea?  Isn’t vandalizing private property against the law? Is a municipality above the law?

Perhaps, residents of New York City should start sticker sniping New York City public property every time the city does something wrong or illogical,  like STILL not doing anything with Ground Zero.

Sounds preposterous, no? My point exactly. Think about it, stickering cars is no better than the act of writing graffitti on public property.

The only difference is that the one that is part of a municipal business is "legal" and the one that is art is not.

Ponder that…

One Pissed and Perplexed New Yorker

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