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Garces_3Some of you may know her from her most recent 2008 film “Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay,” but like many actors, this young lady has been doing it since ‘91 when she made her small screen debut on “Law & Order.” Since then she’s has gone on to appear in more than twenty-five film and TV projects including: The Sopranos; Guiding Light; CSI: Miami and The Shield for which she is currently nominated for an Alma Award in the Best Supporting Actress category. In 2007, she got her EP on in the animated film “Red Princess Blues Animated: The Book of Violence.”Here is Medellin fly-girl, Paula Garcés.

Name: Paula Garcés,
Job title:  Actress
In the field(s) of: Film & Television
Originally from: Medellin, Colombia
Motto to live by: No matter what family and friends come first…everything else is secondary.

How did a girl from Medellin, Colombia wind up being one of Hollywood’s most employed Latina actors? I have been very lucky and blessed with my acting career. I think my success is due to a combination of persistence, dedication and a lot of luck.

Since you’ve done all three, talk about main differences between working on a TV project versus working on a Film project versus working behind the scenes as an Executive Producer? Which do you prefer and why? I love working on TV projects the pace is fast and you get to see the results a lot faster than in film. I also love working on film its a lot more relaxed usually I’m on location somewhere cool that I have not been before and since the pace is a lot slower you can really work out the scenes. Producing is a lot of fun because you get to create an idea from the ground up. Its a lot of hard work but when you see the finished product and you see an audience enjoy it, its a lot like watching your baby grow up. Its extremely rewarding to create something from beginning to end. I really enjoy working in both TV and films I have been really fortunate to work with some of the most talented actors, producers, writers, and directors in the business but I have to say producing Red Princess Blues has been the most difficult and the most fun I have had in my career yet.

What motivates Paula Garcés? I’ve always had an incredible need to express myself creatively and acting has provided a great platform for me to do that. I have been motivated by that need to express myself since I was a little girl and as time went on I have been motivated by my friends and my family. I have been really lucky to have a close knit family and group of friends who believe in me more than I believe in myself at times and never let me give up on my dreams.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I see myself having my own production company that produces many TV projects and films that include giving work to so many of my talented friends who deserve a break and deserve to be working on really great productions.

In November of 2008, McCain or Obama?
I’m an Obama girl!!!!!!!!!!

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