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Linked_inCompany: Start-up trade Telecomm.
Trade Association for prepaid calling card industry.

Job Title: Executive Director

The Executive Director will serve as a Leader, Visionary, Manager, an Ambassador, and Board Developer. In these capacities the incumbent will ensure financial stability, generate membership growth, and optimize organizational performance. Additionally, through these responsibilities a sense of common purpose will be administered and fostered among all members in a way that builds respect, recognition, and goodwill for the organizations. The Executive Director will create a cooperative culture to carry out the Associations’ objectives, goals and vision from a diverse and sometimes opposing group of staff, members, volunteers, and complimentary national and international organizations.

The Executive Director reports directly to the Board of Directors and will be based in the Tri-State area.

Serve as partner to the Board of Directors in growing the infrastructure of the Association.

Exceed the Associations’ membership goals through development and creation of new programs, activities, and services that are sustainable and beneficial for all members/stakeholders.

Maintain accurate member and stakeholder contact data.

Generate diversified reliable revenue resources to fund and promote an accelerated growth rate while meeting objectives.

Provide annual budget for Board approval while consistently communicating opportunities and deficiencies based on effective financial processes, including day-to-day management of budgeting, accounting, financial controls, audits and refinements necessary to achieve the Associations’ strategic financial, development and operational goals.

Administer the overall activities including the full-life cycle strategic planning process, trips, future events/exhibits/meetings if warranted, and all activities pertaining to the Board and Committee(s).

Ensure the Associations’ legal integrity.

Provide security for all assets.

Negotiate and execute contracts and commitments authorized by policy or the Board of Directors.

Develop policies and planning recommendations in collaboration with the Board while serving as primary a staff liaison to government, regulatory, legal and other groups as needed.

Coordinate, develop, manage, and implement standards to be made available to member and non-members.

Strengthen the Associations’ position as a consumer advocate for prepaid telecom services promoting best practice guidelines and standards for both members and non-members.

Broaden the understanding of prepaid ILDC values to our customer base and to an extended audience of government, social, legal and regulatory relationships with representatives of all aspects of the industry.

Establish and file copyright notices with the Library of Congress for all approved and published publications.

Qualifications: Ten (10) years experience in lead roles with proven development initiatives exceeding goals including financial, accounting and contract negotiation related experience.

An accomplished roll-up-your-sleeves savvy doer mentality whom has previous telecommunication industry related experience putting policies, administrative systems and strategic plans into action. (Not-for-profit / Entrepreneurial experience preferred.)

Demonstrated ability to identify, cultivate, and “close” individual, corporate, government and association relationships; a preexisting knowledge of the pre-paid calling card industry preferred.

Comprehensive understanding of Telecommunication Service Providers, FCC regulations, PIU factors, United Service Fund, ANSI and IP transport required.

Established Industry related active Rolodex a plus.

Experience managing meetings, events, marketing, and communications to increase membership cultivation, key industry stakeholder relationships and revenue generation.

Proficient in budget preparation, cost analysis and financial management.

Strong organizational and time management skills demonstrating resourceful techniques for taking risk initiatives while simultaneously managing multiple projects.

Proven ability co-creating new visions with a forte in establishing stakeholder buy-in.

Experience reviewing, drafting and negotiating contracts and RFP’s.

Proficiency in MS Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint and accounting software

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